Nurses At Providence Vote Against Tentative Agreement But Also Reject Going On Strike

December 17, 2023

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This was posted to the UFCW3000 website this weekend. has reached out to spokespeople on both sides for more specifics and will post that information when it is received. – LD

Nurses strike

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Today, December 15, nurses have spoken and have rejected the tentative agreement by a 51% (463 out of 893 cast ballots) and have rejected strike authorization by a 47% (425 out of 893 cast ballots) meaning that we have not reached the necessary two-thirds threshold to authorize a strike.

We will be continuing our quest for improved staffing levels crucial to delivering the quality care our patients and community deserve. Since the beginning, our unwavering dedication to refining staffing language, amplifying our voices within the Hospital Staffing Committee, and aligning with staffing law guidelines has been steadfast.

Nurses have democratically voiced their opinion that the tentative agreement will not do enough to resolve our staffing challenges, but it is a step in the right direction. Our skepticism toward Providence’s resolve to address staffing issues is loud and clear.

Every individual’s commitment is crucial; we urge all to push forward in advocating for better working conditions and superior patient care.

Your invaluable insights are needed now more than ever. We seek your guidance on where to focus our attention for our next bargaining session. Your voices remain integral in charting our path forward in this ongoing journey toward improved working conditions and unwavering dedication to superior patient care.

What to expect for next steps:

UFCW will inform Providence that the contract was rejected and request bargaining dates to return to the bargaining table.

A Union Survey will be sent out to all nurses to hear feedback on what you would like to see specifically improved in the contract offer.

The Bargaining Team will meet to review the surveys and strategize on how best to address those issues.

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