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November 4, 2023

Downtown Everett, Meet the Owner

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The Colby Club

Don’t look for a big sign on the door, just come in after 4 PM at 2823 Colby Avenue in downtown Everett, Washington.

Colby Club owners

Co-owners Karen Taylor and Rob Penrose.

Colby Club hoursFor years the space at 2823 Colby Avenue in downtown Everett, Washington was home to a Starbucks. That location closed and the space sat empty. For days, weeks, months, more than a year…

Earlier this summer things started happening inside the space, renovations behind darkened windows. There were rumors of what it might be but nothing specific. A throwback to Everett’s past perhaps?

Three weeks ago on Saturday October 14th the doors quietly opened. No flashing neon, there’s no big name on the window or above the door. When people step inside they find the lights down low and the vibe is subtle. The are no televisions and cell phone use is discouraged. The music is old classic jazz and a touch of blues.

Welcome to The Colby Club.

“We’re as close to being a “Speakeasy” as you can get while having a storefront in the heart of downtown,” said co-owner Rob Penrose.

“Consider it a classic cocktail lounge with small bites,” said Karen Taylor. She’s the other owner and the two are married.

For the last four years the two have operated Revival Lounge in downtown Mount Vernon, Washington.

“We enjoy doing what we do and it was so well received in Mount Vernon,” explained Rob. “Everett is near and dear to us and our families and there is so much good stuff happening here we wanted to become involved in downtown.”

Both of Karen’s brothers have operated multiple establishments over the years. “We’ve had a little experience,” Karen said with a laugh. “My mother raised first class hosts and hostesses.”

Karen has come up with some of the original cocktails served at The Colby Club including “The Flapper” which she described as sweet but balanced. She also spoke of their desire to handcraft as much as possible making their syrups with no additives, dyes, food coloring or preservatives and drying their own garnishes.

“When you walk in the door we want this to be all about the experience and have you step into a state of mind, to enjoy the company you are with and spend time talking amongst each other, not looking at your phones,” Rob stated.

The “old” old fashioned is one of their most popular classic cocktails and they try to follow the original recipes tracing them back through bar guides and cocktail menus dating to the late 1800s and early 1900s.

They also offer a large variety of non-alcoholic cocktails handmade with fresh ingredients.

The Colby Club is open seven days a week. Monday – Saturday 4PM until Midnite and Sundays 4PM – 10PM.

You can follow them on social media at their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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