Sound Transit Beginning Environmental Review In Everett, Washington

October 4, 2023


Sound Transit Everett Route

Here are the alternatives being studied. Graphic provided by Sound Transit

The slow march to getting Sound Transit Light Rail to Everett, Washington continues. This week Sound Transit announced they are beginning environmental review of properties in Everett. Here’s more.

The alternatives development phase of the Everett Link Extension project wrapped up in June 2023, when the Sound Transit Board identified station, route, and Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) North location alternatives to study in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). We will be studying these alternatives through the environmental review phase of planning, which is expected to last through 2027.

What’s changed since our last engagement in spring 2023?

  • Thanks to your input, we have narrowed down the station and route alternatives from what we shared with you during scoping in early 2023.
  • We determined preferred alternatives for some portions of the project.
  • The project team has advanced the design to incorporate some of the feedback we heard during scoping and to define the study area for environmental review.
  • In early 2024, we will share more details about any changes and how the design is advancing.

During environmental review, Sound Transit is coordinating with local governments and property owners throughout the project corridor to collect and analyze information necessary to understand potential effects of the project on the natural and built environment. As part of this process, crews will perform fieldwork such as: noise and vibration monitoring, geotechnical borings, archaeological investigations, and historic building surveys.

If you see crews doing fieldwork, please note that this does not necessarily mean that the properties being surveyed will be affected by the project; it just means that they are within the study area and will be included as part of our analysis. It’s early in the process, and we will publish our findings in the Draft EIS, anticipated for release in 2026.

Click here to learn more about the fieldwork Sound Transit will be doing.

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We are happy to meet with community groups to provide more information about the project. Please reach out to us at to request a briefing.

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