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August 12, 2023

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Ant's Community Garage

Alastair Vaisberg opened a self service automotive repair space in May.

The address is 2927 Grand Avenue

Ant's Community Garage

The is a lot of room and five Bays have lifts.

This will catch your eye as you drive by…

A while back, Alastair Vaisberg was working with his father-in-law on a van conversion project. They were doing it themselves but the only place they could find that had a lift that was affordable was in Kirkland.

Alastair, has been working cars since he was a kid had wanted to get out of the retail and grocery management field and work for himself.

He began searching for space and found the perfect spot in the 2900 block of Grand Avenue in the old Aalbu Brothers shop. He signed a lease in February, renovated the space and opened Ant’s Community Garage in May.

“It’s a lot of hours but it feels good to work for myself,” Alistair told us when we visited earlier this week. “To enact a vision I’ve had.”

There are five lifts among the bays, each bay has stocked tool boxes and air run to it. “We have most every tool for ninety percent of the jobs someone would need to do,” Alastair said. “We also have specialty tool kits on hand.”

Ant’s Community Garage offers hourly bay rentals, half day rentals and full day rentals. They also offer multi-day specials and if you don’t need to work on your vehicle but are looking for a safe indoor place to store if they also offer that service.

Alistair just started a membership program where you can purchase a set number of hours every month. They have multiple programs including “Monthly Maintenance”, “Big Builder” and “Frequent Fixer”.

“Our goal is to have more members, keep the price point low and let’s make it make sense to have a place that’s affordable and convenient for people to work on their cars away from home,” he explained.

You can learn more about their pricing, take a look around the shop and more here on their website. They’re also active on social media. The phone number is (425) 404 – 3675. The address is 2927 Grand Avenue in Everett, Washington and the hours are 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Tuesday – Sunday.

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