Third All-City Fight Night A Success Saturday In Everett, Washington

All City Fight Night

This was the third WKA sanctioned MMA event at Apex Art & Culture Center in Everett.

Weigh In

The weigh-in happened Friday night at Brooklyn Brothers Pizza on Hewitt.

Kings Hall

The cage was set up in front of the stage at King’s Hall, one of several entertainment spaces inside Apex Art & Culture Center.

Had a chance to take some photos of the third All-City Fight Night, “The Brawl at King’s Hall” event at Apex Art & Culture Center Saturday in Everett, Washington. It began with a weigh-in Friday night at Brooklyn Brothers Pizza on Hewitt.

Then Saturday at noon there was a youth exhibition where fighters ranging in age from pre-teen to teenagers got a chance to compete inside the cage in front of family, friends and paying spectators.

The bouts had rounds lasting from one to three minutes in length. It was pure exhibition with no winners declared and both fighters with hands raised after the fight. For some it was their first time in a ring and others a chance to fight against an opponent with equal experience.

After the youth exhibition, adult competitors returned Saturday night with bouts featuring adults in various levels of experience including two WKA sanctioned Northwest Title Matches. The Fire Performance Artist Lion Gypzi provided amazing entertainment during intermissions.

Here’s some photos of the day including a few behind the scenes, among the crowd & of the competitors. Click photo to enlarge. We hear the next All City Fight Night at Apex Art & Culture Center is scheduled for September.

One of the youth competitors goes through warmups.

Getting on his “Eye of the Tiger”

The battle is on.

Spectators cheer during the Youth Exhibition.

One of the toughest bouts of the night was in the youth exhibition.

The competition was fierce in spite of it just being an exhibition.

Pre-fight medical exam

Fighters went through a pre-fight medical exam.

rules meeting

Another entertainment area inside Apex was converted to stage fighters and hold their pre-fight rules meeting.

Saturday night there was a place to order food and drink right off the main fight floor.

The VIP Area on the stage offered table service.

The fighters pairings were introduced to the crowd before the event started.

Sponsors and VIPS in the upper balcony overlooking King’s Hall

The view from the upper balcony into King’s Hall.

Here are a few more snapshots of what the “Brawl at King’s Hall” was like Saturday night.

lion gypzi

lion gypzi

lion gypzi

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