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April 22, 2023


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John Weston

John Weston recently moved into new offices at 1904 Wetmore Avenue in north Everett.

John Weston tells me he and his wife moved to Everett, Washington over a decade ago. “I worked in downtown Seattle but we felt called to Everett,” John told me last week when we sat down for a conversation.

While John had over a decade of success and experience as a product and project manager, he’d always had an interest in real estate. He obtained his real estate license and then opened Magnify Realty in an office on Oakes Avenue about four years ago.

He specialized in residential sales and worked by referral and word of mouth, building up his business. “It’s about communication and delighting clients,” John explained. “My goal is to make real estate stressless, to have people live in a home where they can flourish – that happens when you’re in a home that you love.”

John is passionate about Everett, Washington. “There is crazy opportunity in Everett,” he said. “With the Port, the character of the city, the architecture, the infrastructure gifted to us and relative to other parts of the Puget Sound, Everett is still affordable.”

Recently John took over the offices and listings of Barb Lamoureux Real Estate. He’d met her a number of years ago as she was the listing agent for the home he and his wife purchased in Everett. “We want to honor all that Barb has done in Everett,” John said.

John and his wife Alison live in Everett with their three boys, one daughter, assorted pet birds and a bunny.

John is slowly working to build Magnify Realty and is looking for employees who are the right fit. “Getting the right people in place will take time as I want to build something excellent and very special in Everett,” John said with an easy smile. “People will want to tell their friends.”

To learn more about John Weston and Magnify Realty check out their website here or give John a call at (425) 405-2077.

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