Unsuccessful ATM Thief Confesses To Everett Police Detectives

February 22, 2022

Police Blotter

Photo Credit: Everett Police

Today Everett Police released the following information on a botched theft attempt of an ATM machine in downtown Everett back in December. Here’s the update.

Attempted ATM and truck thief arrested!

In December a male stole a Chevy Silverado truck in South Everett and immediately drove it to a bank in the 2700 block of Colby Ave. Once at the bank the suspect attempted to use the truck to rip open the ATM at the drive through and steal the cash inside.

Fortunately, the attempt to open the ATM was unsuccessful, but the suspect did cause a large amount of damage.
Based upon the method of the crime and some unique jewelry they could see from video footage; our property crimes detectives were able to develop a probable suspect that they had history with.

Last week the suspect was arrested for separate felony shoplifting charges and our Property Crimes detectives had the chance to interview him. When confronted by their evidence, he not only confessed to the new shoplifting charges but also the theft of the truck and the attempted ATM theft!

Great work by our Property Crimes Detectives by solving three crimes at once!

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