Everett Police Reactivate Citizen Volunteers And Home Vacation Checks

July 21, 2021

Police Blotter

Two popular programs suspended during the Pandemic have been reactivated by the police department in Everett, Washington. Citizen Volunteers Against Crime and the Vacation Crime Watch are both back up and running. Here’s some basic information if you’re interested.


Our active Citizen Volunteers Against Crime (CVAC) group serve the department and our community in a number of ways:

Clerical support
Crime prevention programs
Neighborhood volunteer activities
Assist with special projects
Mass mailings
Data entry projects
Crime Prevention Programs
Vacation Crime Watch Program
Crime prevention patrols
Represent CVAC and Everett Police at community safety fairs
Distribute informational fliers in neighborhoods
Volunteer Activities
Monitor local school zone crossings
Check and enforce handicapped parking violations
Community projects as requested
Support Investigation Units with community education
Become a volunteer today!
For more information contact Sergeant Edmonds at the Everett Police south precinct.


Citizen volunteers provide a valuable service by checking homes of residents who are out of town. Volunteers inspect enrolled residences several times a week to make sure all entrances are secure. If something unusual or suspicious is found, patrol officers are called to investigate.

One program requirement is that all requests must be, at least, three days. (i.e. Friday, Saturday & Sunday) The following residences are not eligible for this program:

  • Apartments
  • “For Sale” homes
  • Commercial properties
  • Bank owned & vacant homes

Sign Up

If you are leaving town and are interested in signing up for the free Vacation Crime Watch Program, download the application (PDF).

Submit Form

Completed forms can be submitted either by email to Sergeant Edmonds or dropped off at the North (3002 Wetmore Avenue) or South (1121 SE Everett Mall Way) Precinct during normal business hours at least 1 week before leaving.

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