Man Causes Chaos In South Everett Pet Superstore

December 4, 2020

Police Blotter


A half-dozen EPD cars ended up responding to track the man across the ceiling.


Water pours out the back of the pet store.

Customers and employees at a pet superstore in south Everett were evacuated after a man who did not work there ran into the back of the store, locked himself into the back room, climbed into the ceiling and caused a flood.

Everett Police are still trying to figure out all that was going on with the man and whether he was suffering a crisis, under the influence of drugs or alcohol or some combination.

Everett Police Public Information Officer Aaron Snell tells what they have put together thus far.

Around 5 PM the man came into the Pet Superstore across from the Everett Mall. He was not an employee and instead of shopping went into the back room. He reportedly barricaded himself in the back room and would not allow employees to enter. Employees called 9-1-1 and multiple Everett Police officers arrived.

From the back room the man made his way up into the ceiling. Police aren’t sure what the man did but the fire sprinklers discharged sending thousands of gallons of water throughout the store. An engine and ladder truck from Everett Fire were called to shut off the sprinkler system.

Everett Police were able to finally get the man into custody. He was transported to Providence Regional Medical Center for an evaluation which Snell says will determine the next steps.

Everett Firefighters used squeegees and other tools to help push water out of the back of the store. No estimate yet on the amount of damage done. The store was closed for the evening.

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