Everett PD Issues SCAM Alert On Bogus Court Collection Phone Calls

November 10, 2020

Police Blotter

A warning about fake calls by a person impersonating an Everett Police Sgt.

Word in today from Everett Police on a scam happening again.


Over the weekend, a local Everett resident called 911 to report a telephone scam. The resident told officers she received a voicemail from a male claiming to be “EPD Sergeant Mike Braley” who wanted her to call him about outstanding legal issues. When she returned the call, “Braley” told the resident she failed to show up at court after being sent a subpoena but could pay the $1,500 fine by travelers check. “Braley” threatened the resident that if she hung up, she would be arrested. Fortunately, the resident refused pay anything and “Braley” hung up on her.

“We want community members to be aware, so they don’t fall for this costly scam. The Everett Police does not demand payments with the threat of arrest,” says Investigations Captain Jeraud Irving. “These scams are troublesome because the scammers often use the real names of police officers in an attempt to add credibility to their call.”

Real officers are investigating this incident but remind everyone that telephone scams often include aggressive callers claiming to be law enforcement personnel who threaten arrest unless the victim pays them – usually with a pre-paid cash card. In many cases, the telephone number is spoofed to make it appear to be from a local police department.

The Everett Police Department does not call to demand immediate payment for missing subpoenas or outstanding warrants. If this happens to you, the department wants to know. Call the non-emergency police dispatch number at 425-407-3999 so we can respond and take a report. To see if you have a warrant, contact the Everett Municipal Court (425-257-8778) for an Everett warrant or the District Court (425-388-3331) for a Snohomish County warrant.

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