Hundreds Of Jobs, Thousands Of Daily Trips If Former Gravel Pit Becomes Delivery Center

February 17, 2020

Everett Economy


The site is expected is estimated to generate a total of 2,771 new weekday daily trips.

A major warehouse, manufacturing and delivery center is planned for the former Associated Sand and Gravel site at the corner of Glenwood and Sievers Duecy Boulevard in southwest Everett.

The center will employ 300 – 400 employees on site with hundreds more coming in and parking their cars and switching to delivery vans or using personal vehicles to come and go with packages.

Here are some of the details from the trip generation memo submitted to the City of Everett. If the proposed project is approved full buildout of the site is anticipated by the end of next year. People living on Glenwood, Madison, Beverly Lane and Mukilteo Boulevard can also expect a lot more traffic on their streets.

Plans call for two buildings to be built on the site which sits on about 67 acres. Building A would consist of a total of 307,200 SF and is likely to include a mix of manufacturing and warehousing. Building B would consist of a total of 145,125 SF to be used as a delivery station (i.e. high-cube fulfillment center warehouse). The existing site is vacant.

As part of the project, Shuksan Way would be extended from its current terminus (east of Associated Blvd) to Sievers Duecy Blvd. Vehicular access to the site is proposed a full access driveway on Glenwood Ave, two full access driveways on Sievers Duecy Blvd, and five full access driveways on the planned Shuksan Way extension. Project buildout is expected in 2021.

The current site plan includes a total of 1,432 parking stalls broken down as follows:

• Warehouse Employees = 282 parking stalls

• Vans (including van driver personal vehicles) = 1,150 parking stalls

It should be noted that the site plan provides a total of 120 delivery van/car delivery staging spaces and a total of 120 delivery van/car loading spaces adjacent to the building. The 1,432 parking stalls does not include these 120 van/car staging/loading spaces.

It should also be noted that the site has been designed with sufficient on-site van parking supply to allow for two things:

1) the ability to shift package delivery away from delivery car drivers and to delivery van drivers.
2) the ability to accommodate additional van deliveries during the peak holiday season.

The distribution facility operator estimates that approximately 40 percent of the total parking supply is utilized during the majority of the year (10 months). Additional capacity would be expected during the Holiday season.

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