Rucker Renewal Taking Toll On Downtown Everett Businesses

December 5, 2019

Everett Government

Pedestrians, not vehicles are in the future for this stretch of Rucker in downtown Everett.

Multiple business owners spoke before the Everett City Council Wednesday night to express concern over a lack of customers they blame on the Rucker Renewal Project. Owners of Amante Pizza and Pasta, Bargreen Coffee and Vintage Café all spoke before the council describing a drop in business and asking for some kind of relief or at least a hard timeline as to when the project will wrap up.

Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin promised a briefing before the council next week. The project timeline calls for the project in phases. Some things are wrapping up now while other things may take until spring.

The latest update on the project was on November 25th. Among other items noted.

The brass street-name lettering has arrived, so the contractor will install the lettering and finish the sidewalk corners for the Hoyt/Pacific intersection. Signals will be installed later; the contractor is awaiting delivery of signal poles and equipment. Landscaping the planters will occur in spring 2020.
California Street intersection
Pouring of and setting the brass street-name lettering into the sidewalk corners. Opening of the intersection will occur once the corner work is completed.
Pedestrians continue to have ADA-compliant access through the intersection.
California to Hewitt
West side
The contractor will continue to trench for electrical and irrigation.
East side
The contractor will finish demolition of the east side of the street.
Intermittent traffic delays at the Aero apartments will continue for the next month. These delays are expected to be of shorter duration than previous driveway access delays.
Storm drainage installation begins first week of December.

You can see more about the project details, timeline and progress hereYou can see more about the project details, timeline and progress hereYou can see more about the project details, timeline and progress here.

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