City Council Back To Drawing Board On Supportive Housing In R-1 Zones

December 4, 2019

Everett Government


The Everett City Council and Mayor Franklin..

Following a very long and passionate public hearing the Everett City Council voted Wednesday night to extend the moratorium on “Supportive Housing” in residential zones while drafting a change to the ordinance that would allow some form of that housing in R-1.

The vote was 5 in favor, with council member Scott Murphy voting against and council member Jeff Moore abstaining as he is employed by the Everett School District which was involved in the property agreement that led to the moratorium in the first place.

What exactly the final ordinance will look like is still to be determined but it does appear that “Supportive Housing” will be allowed in some form within residential zones in Everett, Washington. There does not appear to be any change to how it will be applied in existing multi-family zones.

There will be a committee of two or three council members tasked to work with city planners to determine what the final “Supportive Housing” ordinance will look like. Weeks, not months, is the timeline mentioned for an ordinance to come back before the Everett City Council.

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