Everett Schools To Put $317,000,000.00 Bond Issue On Spring Ballot

October 10, 2019

Everett Schools

This week the Everett School District Board of Directors decided to ask voters for more than $317 million dollars to make various improvements. Here is an overview sent out Wednesday by the District.

Click to see a list of projects by school.

School district board of directors voted unanimously to put a $317.4 million bond on the April 2020 ballot for Building the Future.

Last fall the board commissioned a 30-person committee consisting of community members, staff and students to undertake an in-depth study of whether the district should pursue a 2020 bond election, and to determine what should be on the bond.

The committee came back with a recommendation to the superintendent, who took the recommendation to the board in September 2019.

Darcy Walker, director of facilities and planning, who worked closely with the committee said, “The committee took their job very seriously and worked hard to create the best recommendation for the district. They had mounds of data and options to consider.” The committee felt it was specifically important to have something for everyone on this bond, so the projects are evenly spread throughout the district at all grade levels.

The $317.4 million bond will allow the district to maintain a stable tax rate, and helps prepare our students for the future by:

Giving our students facilities and tools necessary for STEM career pathways.
· The bond funds modernization and upgrades to high school classrooms to support the STEM career pathway programs and new science standards.

Ensuring equitable access and opportunities for students by funding capital projects in every region, at every school except North Middle and Tambark Creek Elementary, which are new.

Increasing safety and security for students and schools.
· Secure locksets and keying systems will be added districtwide.

· The bond includes funds to add access control systems at two high schools.

· Upgrades to fire alarm systems, intrusion systems and fencing will also increase school safety.

Ensuring students have enough room to learn by adding 21st century learning and classroom space.
· Enrollment is growing, which creates a need for additional classrooms.

· The 2020 bond reduces overcrowding by adding new elementary classrooms.

· Replacing worn-out elementary school buildings with modern schools provides additional capacity that better meets current and future needs, and helps keep class sizes lower.


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