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June 4, 2019

Everett Government

There are 8 areas of focus where you can look at data sets. Click graphic to dive into the different areas.

The City of Everett, Washington is working on providing easier access to all kinds of data. On Monday they issued a press release outlining their open data concept. Here it is along with some links for those who like to dig deeper into city data.

Here is the City Vision for Quality of Life in Everett, Washington Click to enlarge.

The City of Everett has launched a new interactive online portal that allows community members to access data through the City’s website. The Everett City Council approved the acquisition of the open data platform from Socrata on Jan. 30, 2019.

Open data is the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to reuse and republish without restriction. The new portal is part of the City’s open-data strategy, which is aligned with Mayor Cassie Franklin’s directive on community engagement and inclusion and recommendations from the Envision Everett 2037 report. The goal is to promote transparency and empower community members by improving access to information about the City and its operations.

“Our goal is to continue increasing what is available on the platform and adding new data on a continual basis,” said Steven Hellyer, information technology director. “We will continue to pull in Everett data from outside sources, as well as connect the platform to our existing data collection sources at the City to provide the most value to those searching for information about our community.”

An interdepartmental staff team oversees ongoing maintenance of the portal. The team will continue collecting information about what kind of data community members would like to see added to the portal. New data will be added on a quarterly basis, or as resources allow.

Again, to view the new open data portal, visit data.everettwa.gov.


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