New Everett Fire Department Command Staff Introduced To City Council

December 20, 2018

Everett Fire

fire command

Left to right: Jeff Edmonds, Dave DeMarco, Rich Llewellyn, Kurtis Brown

It has been a turbulent two years at the top of the Everett Fire Department.

Since January of 2017 the city of Everett, Washington has had four different people hold the title of Fire Chief. Each of them had their own command staff, deputy chiefs and other leadership positions so there has been a lot of turnover at the top of the Everett Fire Department.

Wednesday night Everett Fire Chief Dave DeMarco, who was named Chief by Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin in May of this year, introduced his command staff to the Everett City Council. One, Jeff Edmonds is a long time member of the Everett Fire Department while the other two are new to the city.


Fire Marshal Kurtis Brown


Assistant Chief of Administration Rich Llewellyn


Assistant Chief Operations Jeff Edmonds

The official organizational chart kicks in for all three on January 1st.

Each has either been in their role or job shadowing for the past several weeks.

Jeff Edmonds is Assistant Chief of Operations, Rich Llewellyn is Assistant Chief of Administration and Kurtis Brown is Fire Marshal. All three had their new badges pinned on by family members.

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