City Of Everett Cutting Trees Around City Hall

September 13, 2018

Downtown Everett, Everett Government

Editor’s Update 7:10 AM Friday September 14th: As promised here is more information from Meghan Pembroke at the City of Everett…
Here is some additional information about the sidewalk repair project. We will be planting Sunset Maples to replace the trees on the south side of the Wall Street Building and Afterburner Tupelos will replace the rest of the trees along Wetmore. Both types of trees were selected in consultation with our parks team and are considered ideal for this type of location. The trees will be planted after our Public Works team completes the sidewalk replacement, which is expected to take 6-8 weeks, weather depending.


The Red Oaks in front of Historic City Hall will be removed this weekend.


The trees on the side of Wall street will also come down.


An example of the damage the trees are causing, This is on Wetmore by the Wall Street Building.

Citing significant damage, the City of Everett will cut down about a dozen Red Oak trees on Wall and Wetmore streets in downtown Everett. Preparations began today and the removal will happen Friday through Sunday. Here is what the city has said on its website.

Beginning in September, 2018, crews will work to repair and replace sidewalks around the Wall Street Building (2930 Wetmore Ave.) and North Police Precinct (3002 Wetmore Ave.).

As part of the project, crews will need to remove several large red oak trees that have caused significant street and sidewalk damage.

The trees were also planted without tree wells and have the potential to cause damage to surrounding utility lines.

All trees removed will be replaced with suggestions received by Parks Supervisor Geoff Larsen. The work is expected to be complete in early October.

The tree removal sparked a measure of outrage on social media Thursday afternoon. reached out to the city for a comment but it was after hours. Meghan Pembroke with the city did respond and said via email she would be able to provide further information on Friday. We’ll pass along any updates when we receive them.


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