Mukilteo Schools Issue Statement About Safety

April 30, 2018

Everett Schools


Mukilteo Schools continue to invite students, parents and public to learn more about safety and security in the schools.

Since many kids who live in south and west Everett attend Mukilteo schools we thought we’d pass this along. received the following notification earlier this afternoon from Andy Muntz at Mukilteo Schools:

The members of the Mukilteo School District met last week to discuss a statement about safety and security in the school district. They expressed their agreement with the following:

The Mukilteo School Board joins the entire community in expressing concern for gun-related violence in public schools throughout the country over the last fifty years, including our own. Our mission is to educate and prepare students for the world after graduation and to provide our staff the support necessary to create the best environment for student achievement. That work can’t succeed if our students or staff come to school afraid or don’t come to school at all because of fear. We, as a Board, are committed to safe and welcoming schools.

· Student and staff safety is essential and a continuous initiative, not a once a year report.

· No amount of security is failsafe, but feeling safe is foundational for effective teaching and learning to take place.

· We also believe that turning our school facilities into armed fortresses is counterproductive to our mission.

· Emergency plans are district, facility and building wide. These include an Incident Command Structure, family reunification plans, and ongoing exercises and drills for all staff and students.

· Social and emotional student and staff support is a cornerstone for safe schools. The District will continue to provide access to mental health resources for students and staff.

· The Board supports efforts to instill confidence and resilience in all members of our school community at the same time as we endeavor to reduce incidents of harassment and bullying.

· The Board supports raising student, family and staff awareness about the use of social media when school safety is threatened. We encourage everyone to be proactive and report potential threats.

· The Board is committed to regularly communicating to our community the ongoing efforts to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff.

The last of the three-part series of presentations to the school board about safety and security issues will take place on Monday, May 14 where they will hear a presentation about supporting the social and emotional needs of students and staff members. A public meeting on the issue of safety and security also is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 24 at Mariner. More details on that will be coming in the weeks ahead.


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