Peaceful Walkouts At Schools In Everett Today

March 14, 2018

Everett, Everett Schools


A look of the size of the crowd outside Everett High this morning. Click photo to enlarge.


Photo taken by Everett High student Kesley Robinson during today’s walkout.





Ruthann Fernandes, a 19-year-old student at EvCC with her sign she made for the student walkout. Photo courtesy The Everett Clipper.

Today at 10 AM students at Everett High, Cascade High and Aces High along with students at Everett Community College held organized walkouts joining students across the country. There were several messages but the primary focus appeared to be against gun violence. asked Kesley Robinson a student at Everett High what she thought was accomplished today?

“I believe that we gave ourselves a voice, and also joined others in unity against gun violence,” said Robinson. “I am very proud of our school and community for coming together. We had some parents join us across the street as well, but didn’t get a picture. I also believe that we sent a message to the government and NRA about what our opinions are on gun violence. We also accomplished getting most of the school together. People were watching from the third floor of the A building.”

Cassie Franklin, Mayor of Everett issued the following statement this morning regarding the walkouts…

Mayor Cassie Franklin’s statement on National Walkout Day:

“I join with our students and community today in calling for action on gun safety here in Everett and around the country. Our youth have kept this issue in the national conversation and are leading through their courageous example this morning.

Everett has not been spared from youth and gun violence. Last month we were deeply saddened to hear that one of our own students was allegedly planning an attack against an Everett school.

I am incredibly grateful for the suspect’s grandmother, who saw something concerning and spoke up, potentially saving many lives. I am also grateful for the good work of our police officers, who responded quickly and decisively to protect our students, and for our school partners, who continue to work with us and the community on these challenges.

Our young people are our most precious resource. They – like everyone in our community – deserve to be safe. They have the right to learn in a safe environment that is free from violence, and we must all do more to protect that right.

As Mayor, I pledge to work with our City Council and with our community to take action in whatever way we can to reduce gun violence in Everett and keep our students and young people safe.”

Everett Police say there were no incidents during the events at any of the locations in Everett.


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