Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Warning Of Active Scams

January 30, 2018

Police Blotter


Get a call? Just hang up.

Word in that people in Everett and beyond are being targeted by two active scams that involve impersonation of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office. Here’s a notice sent out tonight by SCSO.

SCAM WARNING: There are currently TWO scams circulating where scammer claim to be associated with our agency.

1. A “Capt. Miller” is calling to bully victims into paying to have a warrant “lifted” for missing jury duty. While we do have a Capt. Miller in our employ, neither he nor any other bona fide law enforcement or court personnel will call you to demand money over the phone. Ever. You can check to see if you have outstanding warrants online.

2. “The Fundraising Center” is soliciting funds to support the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office. The calls come from 323-486-0115. We do not have a non-profit organization in our name and members of our agency will never solicit funds to “help keep the agency afloat” (as one scammer said).

If you receive a call similar to these, hang up immediately.


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