Computer Dispatch Upgrade Brings Out Pencils And Paper For Everett Fire And Police

October 24, 2017

Everett, Everett Fire, Police Blotter

Editor’s Update: Computer Aided Dispatched was restarted about 2:30 PM though some users still had issues accessing the system into the early evening hours.


A look inside the Fire Operations Center from 2015.

Since four o’clock this morning an upgrade to the Computer Aided Dispatch System has meant no computers and pencils and paper for dispatchers and first responders in Everett and Snohomish County. checked with SNOPAC Executive Director Kurt Mills by email who replied with the following…

The 911 System is working normally and all emergencies are being dispatched as usual. This morning there was a planned upgraded one of our systems and the technicians are actively working to bring the system online. As is normal procedure our staff are processing calls manually.

911 calls are being received at SNOPAC and for Everett Fire calls the incident type and address are sent over radio to the Fire Operations Center at Station One and then units are selected and dispatched from there.

Everett Police are being dispatched from the SNOPAC center via radio. Cases are being assigned temporary numbers and that information will be updated once the CAD system is back up and running. has messages into Everett City, Police and Fire to find out if there are any impacts to city operations and we’ll update as information is received.

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