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Computer Dispatch Upgrade Brings Out Pencils And Paper For Everett Fire And Police

October 24, 2017

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Editor’s Update: Computer Aided Dispatched was restarted about 2:30 PM though some users still had issues accessing the system into the early evening hours. Since four o’clock this morning an upgrade to the Computer Aided Dispatch System has meant no computers and pencils and paper for dispatchers and first responders in Everett and Snohomish County. […]

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Hardware Failure Caused 9-1-1 Dispatch Crash

January 11, 2017

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A hardware failure is believed to be behind problems at emergency dispatch centers in Everett and south County today. For a little more than 8 hours dispatchers for Everett Police, Everett Fire and most other jurisdictions in our area were unable to use their computer aided dispatch services. That meant everything had to be written […]

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Many Everett Emergency Dispatch Issues Related To Hardware, Not New World

October 20, 2016


Back on Sunday October 9th we reported on dispatch issues for Everett Police and Fire after a failure in the Computer Aided Dispatch system or CAD. Commonly referred to as New World, the computer aided dispatch system is actually made up of several parts both software and hardware that all need to function in concert. […]

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Everett Computer Aided Dispatch Crashes Again

October 10, 2016


For five hours Sunday afternoon dispatchers handling emergency response for both Everett Fire and Police had to go to manual operations after problems with the computer aided dispatch system. The crash occurred about 2:15 PM and service was restored and police and fire crews were able to log on around 7:30 PM. Here’s what Everett […]

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New World Responds To Everett Mayor

June 28, 2016


On June 15th Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson sent a letter to Tyler Technologies, owner of New World Dispatch software expressing his concerns over their product and calling its performance unacceptable. Today the City of Everett released Tyler’s response which came in the form of a letter dated June 23rd. In the letter the company outlines […]

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Frustration In Three Views Of New World Dispatch System

June 16, 2016


Seven and a half months in from go-live for the New World dispatch system and frustration seems to be the only common theme. MyEverettNews.com has been writing about the implementation of New World Systems dispatch software for more than a year. Work on the system to replace aging dispatching equipment and software has been going […]

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Everett Mayor: Dispatch Glitches Unacceptable

June 15, 2016


Editor’s Update 11:00 AM June 16th: The initial story contains a misquote of Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman. When asked about New World Templeman said, “I have not been made aware of any software related dispatch issues that have jeopardized public safety or caused any life-safety related issues.” I wrote that he said problems dispatching […]

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Updated – New World Software, Not Dispatch Training Blamed For June 4th Failed Alarm Upgrade

June 14, 2016


Editor’s Update 3:30 PM: I just got off the phone with Kurt Mills, Executive Director at SNOPAC911 in Everett. He was at a conference but wanted to call to express his concern with my characterization of the failure of dispatchers to be able tone a second or third alarm during the June 4th fire on […]

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SNOPAC Not Satisfied With New Dispatch System

May 17, 2016


Satisfied is not the word SNOPAC Executive Director Kurt Mills would use to describe his agency’s relationship with New World Systems, the vendor hired to develop a new computer aided dispatch system for Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS response in Everett and Snohomish County. “New World Systems has been very responsive,” Mills said. “We are impatient […]

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Everett To Stick With Problematic Emergency Dispatch System

May 15, 2016


On Thursday, MyEverettNews.com revealed ongoing problems with a new dispatch system being implemented in Everett and all of Snohomish County. The system, referred to as New World has experienced multiple crashes, slowdowns and problems since its implementation in 2015. The City of Everett is one of several agencies that contracts with SNOPAC for dispatch services. […]

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