Public Hearing And Vote Wednesday On Quick Service Attire Standards In Everett

August 14, 2017

Everett Government

Editor’s Update Wednesday Aug. 16th 8:44 PM: The Everett City Council voted unanimously tonight to approve the Lewd Conduct and dress code ordinance to eliminate the bikini business model in Everett.

Grab N Go

This stand attracted a lot of attention on Evergreen Way back in 2011 but has since closed.

On Wednesday the Everett City Council will hold a public hearing and take a vote on adopting minimum dress requirements and probationary licensing for so-called quick service establishments in Everett.

The businesses affected include fast food restaurants, delis, food trucks and coffee stands along with drive thru forms of food or beverage service that do not provide table service.

The city is trying to prevent businesses from adopting what it calls the “bikini barista stand” model where employees dress in a manner that city leaders say is closely and customarily associated with adult entertainment or adult situations.

Every so-called quick service business would be required to enforce minimum dress requirements as set forth by the city. If a quick service business was found in violation of the minimum dress requirements it would be required to get a probationary license. Additional violations could result in a revocation of said license and the business may have to close. The fines would be civil infractions and issued to the owner not the employee.

As proposed, the ordinance says the minimum dress standards require coverage of minimum body areas including the torso, pubic and buttocks area. As defined the “minimum body areas” means the upper and lower body (breast/pectorals, stomach, back below the shoulder blades, buttocks, top three inches of legs below the buttocks, public area and genitals).

You can read the entire proposed ordinance here. Earlier this month owners of some coffee stands complained about the rules saying that past illegal activity at other stands in Everett should not be held against them.

If you’d like to testify at the public hearing that happens Wednesday night at 6:30 PM in the city council chambers at 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett.


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