Angry Neighbors Catch Reckless Everett Driver, Haul Him Back To Police

June 25, 2017

Police Blotter


The driver ran after hitting this tree.


An Everett Police sergeant talks to the driver after handcuffing him.


Parts of the engine ended up in the front garden of the house.


The car was travelling at a high rate of speed


The driver jumped out the passenger side and tried to run off.


Another look.

Residents enjoying a summer evening is one south Everett neighborhood weren’t going to let a reckless driver endanger their kids and get away with it.

Around 7:15 PM 9-1-1 began receiving calls of a car that had hit a tree with the driver running off. It was happening near 13th Avenue West and Holly Drive.

As Everett Police arrived they found a BMW sitting on top of a tree in the front yard of a house and several angry neighbors escorting a man by the arms from up the street and back to the accident scene.

The neighbors turned the man over to Everett Police and explained there were several families in their front yards enjoying the summer’s night when a black car turned off Holly Drive at a high rate of speed and went right into a front yard and on top of a tree.

The driver got out of the car and began running east on 13th Avenue West. Multiple neighbors gave chase and captured the driver several houses away.

They were bringing him back to the crash site as police arrived. “You could’ve killed one of our kids!” a neighbor yelled as an Everett Police Sergeant put handcuffs on the driver.

One man suffered a slight arm injury as a result of the crash. There were no other injuries.

The driver was detained for reckless driving by Everett Police. No word at this time if drugs or alcohol were involved.

Here are some photos taken at the scene.

Click photo to enlarge.


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