Everett Moves To Regulate Uber, Lyft and Ride Share Companies

June 7, 2017

Everett Government


New rules will begin in early July.

For the last year and a half the City of Everett has been working on regulations to cover Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft. They have been operating in Everett for years with the only regulation that they and the independent contractors who drive using their apps get a general Everett business license.

Now however the companies who use apps to make connections between people who want a ride and people who want to give rides will have to follow some basic rules. Here are a few…

  • Companies will have to provide insurance according to Washington State standards.
  • A “For-Hire” license fee will be due based on the number of vehicles operating in the city.
  • Vehicles used in ride sharing will have to show proof of an annual safety inspection.
  • Drivers will have to pass a background check, be at least 21, have proper insurance and registration.
  • The company will have to provide some type of driver I.D. so the city can do ┬árandom compliance audits.

Representatives of both Uber and Lyft addressed the Everett City Council tonight along with many drivers who argued against the regulations. Several of the drivers said they wouldn’t pick up in Everett if they had to get a business license. City Council members tried multiple times to explain that business owners in Everett have to have a $78.00 general business license with an annual renewal fee of $10.00 if you gross less than $20,000.00 a year. They said it wouldn’t be fair to other small business operators in Everett to exempt for-hire drivers.

Here is the latest ordinance as it passed tonight. There were a few amendments also added by council members and city staff. The new rules are expected to go into effect in early July.


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