Everett School Alert Error Temporarily Overflows Phone System

May 9, 2017

Everett Schools

Everett Schools

An error in a message to parents led to some confusion this morning.

Concerned parents overwhelmed the Everett School District’s phone system this morning after a button was pushed in error that sent a message to parents at View Ridge Elementary that their child did not show up for school. Parents began calling both 9-1-1 and the school and also showed up at View Ridge Elementary.

Everett Police on scene quickly confirmed there was an error in the messaging system. The School District sent a message out to parents letting them know everything was okay. They also sent the following message to staff…

Dear staff,

Some of you may have received a phone call recently intended for another school or had some trouble accessing your voicemail. The cause is our voicemail system was inundated with phone calls at View Ridge Elementary School in response to an error in an attendance message. Concerned parents flooded the phone lines, which “overflowed” to other schools and the Community Resource Center when the phone system and voicemail limit at that school was exceeded.

The initial attendance confusion has been clarified with View Ridge parents.
As call volumes diminish, the phone system will be back to normal.

If you get any more erroneous calls from parents, please reassure them that their child is fine and it was from an error.

Thank you.

Again everything is okay and Everett School officials are looking to make sure the error is being addressed.

MyEverettNews.com will provide further information as it becomes available.

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