Sponsored Story – Virtual Academy Allows Teen Time To Excel At Music

May 7, 2017

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She’s 15 and has played Carnegie Hall twice thanks to WAVA

Finding your passion is not always easy. But luckily for 15-year-old Anya Yatskova, she found hers at early age.

After exhibiting a love for music, Anya started to take piano lessons at the age of six. As Anya’s talent and passion for the instrument grew, her parents knew a change would be needed in terms of her schooling.

That was when Anya enrolled in Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA).

“We switched to WAVA after kindergarten because it allowed us to visit piano teachers we loved, which would not be available in after-school time,” said Anya’s mother, Natalia Yatskova. “It gave her time for practice and also time left just to play, which I strongly believe is needed for all children.”

The switch to WAVA has been beneficial for Anya and her music career. She now has more time to practice, compete, and perform, having already been given the amazing opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall twice!

“I’m very passionate about playing piano because I feel like it’s the best way I can express myself,” Anya said. “Playing piano, for me, is like painting beautiful art but with sound instead of physical art supplies. Playing the piano feels natural, almost like I’ve always been meant to do it.”

Along with the ability for Anya to have time to pursue her passions, Natalia appreciates the flexibility of online schooling and Anya’s ability to set her own pace.

“She can progress quickly through lessons that are easy for her and stay longer at other lessons, sometimes even go back a little to refresh her knowledge,” Natalia said.

The ease of online schooling allows for Anya to have a customizable schedule, which is great due to the demands of piano playing and performing.

“She can go for out-of-state competitions or performances, or just have an extra piano class in the morning with no problem,” said Natalia. “This wouldn’t be easy at a brick-and-mortar school.”

Now in ninth grade, Anya plans to study music and become a professional piano teacher. She credits online schooling at WAVA for allowing her to not only succeed academically, but also musically.

“It is thanks to online schooling that I am able to attend many concerts and competitions, and continue to build my future career,” Anya said. “With my flexible online schooling schedule, I am capable of success in music while succeeding at my school work too!”

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