Booms And Bangs At Naval Station Everett Wednesday

May 1, 2017


If you live in the area of Naval Station Everett or have business on the base Wednesday be prepared for some unexpected noises as the base takes part in another semi-annual security drill. Here is the update on what to expect…

Naval Station Everett

Photo credit: Naval Station Everett

Naval Station Everett will be conducting a security exercise on Wednesday, May 3. During this exercise, gates to the base will close briefly for approximately 5 minutes around 12:30 p.m.

Neighboring residents may see or hear response activities on base that are associated with the exercise, including shooting blank rounds to simulate gunfire and a heightened law enforcement presence. There will also be an advisory notice broadcast to mariners and boats near the harbor area that an exercise scenario is in effect.

Exercise activities were coordinated in advance with local law enforcement, mutual aid partners, and first responder agencies.

The purpose of the exercise is to maintain and improve qualifications of emergency response personnel who are responsible for protecting the safety and security of the Navy base, homeported vessels, and surrounding maritime environment.

For more information, contact Naval Station Everett Public Affairs at (425) 304-3202.

Ensuring the safety of Navy equipment, and more importantly, service members, families, Navy civilians, and contractors is a top priority.

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