Everett Low Barrier Housing Project Gets A Tiny Bit Smaller

April 20, 2017

Everett Government

low barrier housing

Work is progressing for the City of Everett’s 1st supportive housing project.

The City of Everett continues to move forward on plans to build what they call a supportive housing project in central Everett at 6107 Berkshire Drive. Originally proposed at 70 units the latest plans call for 65 units of housing. The change is due to the amount of funding available through the various State and Federal funding cycles needed to complete the project.

The City has issued a Final Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (Final MDNS). A 14-day public comment period has come and gone with people able to submit their concerns about the project in writing. The appeal period on the Final MDNS ended on April 19, 2017. There was no appeal filed. The next step is a public hearing scheduled on May 18, 2017 at 6 p.m. in the Weyerhaeuser Room at Everett Station, 3201 Smith Avenue in Everett. The city expects to start construction late this year.

Inside the 18 pages of site drawings are some glimpses of what the facility may look like to the neighborhood. Click to enlarge photo.


Looking east toward the facility from current Evergreen Way you can see the tops of the buildings hidden behind trees.


Looking up Berkshire east from Evergreen with facility on the left


Looking at the facility on the right as you turn going down the hill west on Berkshire to Evergreen.

Two other very interesting depictions are of a future Evergreen Way after a proposed revitalization. You can see there are two large buildings taking the place of the Chinese restaurant and the Jiffy Lube right along Evergreen Way.


Revitalized Evergreen Way view proposed for the future with large buildings.


Revitalized future view heading west on Berkshire to Evergreen.

Now the proposed revitalization of Evergreen Way is a long way off and the City of Everett is still forming an Evergreen Way Stakeholder Group to plan for the future. They plan to put our a press release on it next week.

If you’d like to be included in that Stakeholder’s group planning the future Evergreen way you can contact Hil Kaman (hkaman@everettwa.gov or 425-257-7115).

There has also been talk that this facility will be the only low barrier housing planned in Everett. MyEverettNews.com asked about that and received the following email reply from Meghan Pembroke at the city…

“The City is working with County partners and housing developers to develop a pipeline to identify and support future housing projects in Everett and in the broader county.

At this time, we do not have any identified sites or projects planned by the City, but the current project will not be the last supportive housing project in Everett.”

Hope Works

An artist’s conception of HopeWorks Station Phase 2 in the 3300 block of Broadway in Everett.

In fact Housing Hope has been working on a project in the 3300 block of Broadway for some time.

Here’s a brief view from Sara Haner at Housing Hope…

Plans for HopeWorks Station Phase II are coming along. This new four-story building will dramatically expand HopeWorks Station’s overall physical footprint along Broadway.

Among other highlights, the commercial space on the bottom will include a culinary training kitchen as well as a banquet area and dining room.

The new development will greatly expand HopeWorks capacity from 36 annual paid internships, to well over 100 per year in the new facility.

The residential space on the top will include 65 affordable apartments, with 57 dedicated to homeless households.

Of those 57 apartments, 51 will be targeted for high-need homeless populations: youth (15), veterans (10), parents seeking reunification with their children (10) and individuals with addictions (16).

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