Everett’s Mental Health Success Factory

April 14, 2017


Editor’s Note: As we write about Everett and the challenges faced by the city on a number of fronts including issues brought by those experiencing homelessness, mental health problems, opiate addiction, crime and street issues we’re trying to also introduce you to people and programs working on these issues. On Thursday we toured Bridgeways a non-profit working in Everett for the past 35 years with a focus on providing support for those facing challenges related to mental illness. Bridgeways is doing a great job in Everett on many different levels. Here’s what we found…


5500 part numbers are worked on by Bridgeways’ staff.

When you step onto the factory floor at Bridgeways in southwest Everett it looks like many of the other aerospace parts suppliers in our area. Machines hum, workers drill, rivet and seal, wires are cut and bundled, parts are inspected for quality and then packaged and shipped.

The difference here, about fifty percent of the workers you see on the floor are engaged in treatment for mental illness. Some work part time, others full time. They work in every department and there is no area where they are limited. All work to their own ability turning out parts for aerospace medical and technology companies.

For 35 years Bridgeways has quietly but steadily grown in Everett and now operates out of a 19,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Inside is a tool crib for Boeing where specialty tools are stored, maintained, refurbished and transported to and from the Everett Boeing assembly plant. In addition, 80 people turn out thousands of different assemblies for all types of customers.

Bridgeways Bridgeways is a 501(c)(3) non-profit mental health agency that works as a secondary provider of mental health services. While Compass Health and Sea Mar provide primary mental health treatment, Bridgeways provides an array of supportive services for those facing challenges related to mental illness. The manufacturing division is just one part of Bridgeways. Other programs that facilitate growth,independence and a sense of community include…

Supported Employment – Helping participants find and keep a job in the community.

Mental Health Alternatives Program – Eligible participants are anyone the Everett Municipal Court believes to have a mental health issue that contributed to their crime. The MAP Liaison will work directly with the MAP participants to link them to available resources including but not limited to mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, medical treatment, food assistance, housing, education and employment.

Certified Rehabilitation Provider – Bridgeways is a Certified Rehabilitation Provider (CRP) for Washington State Department of Vocational Services (DVR).

“We help people to be successful at the appropriate level for them,” said Bridgeways CEO Donna Konicki. “Whatever you can do we’ll help you do.”

In addition to Everett, Bridgeways also works in Skagit and parts of Snohomish County.

As low barrier housing and enhanced services facilities grow in Everett Bridgeways is committed to helping those with mental illness gain independence, growth and a sense of community.

To learn more, visit Bridgeways website.


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