Application For 16 Bed Behavioral Health Facility Near Low Barrier Housing Site

April 6, 2017

Everett Government

6502 Evergreen

The building would be built between the new Popeyes and the Auto Zone

6502 Evergreen Way

One of the site plan drawings submitted to the City of Everett planning dept.

The City of Everett is reviewing an application for a proposed “Enhanced Services Facility” to be built next to the new Popeyes restaurant in the 6500 block of Evergreen Way. The city recently received the application from an interested developer.

That’s just 3 blocks south of the proposed 70 unit low barrier housing facility at Berkshire Drive east of Evergreen Way.

Here is how the proposed project is described in an email with the subject line: Request for Project Review – New building at 6502 Evergreen Way

The City of Everett Planning Department is soliciting comments on the proposed project: New building at 6502 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA.

Project Description: A Design Review and Unlisted Use Application have been submitted for a new 16 bed ‘Enhanced Services Facility’ (similar to an assisted living facility use). The building also includes 3,000 SF of ground retail, 14 under-building parking stalls, 20 surface parking stalls and related site improvements.

While the above description says the building is similar to an assisted living facility use, the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services describes Enhanced Services Facility as follows…

The Washington State Legislature authorized DSHS to develop Enhanced Services Facilities (ESFs) under Chapter 70.97 RCW. This new category of licensed residential facility will provide a community placement option for individuals whose complicated personal care and behavioral challenges do not rise to a level that requires an institutional setting. Rather than extended and unnecessary stays in State Hospitals, patients who are no longer responding to active psychiatric treatment and who have been assessed as stable and ready for discharge can be referred to an ESF.

ESFs use high staffing ratios, behavioral and environmental interventions to serve individuals who are no longer receiving active treatment at a state psychiatric hospital. These facilities offer behavioral health, personal care services and nursing, a combination that is not generally provided in other licensed long-term care settings.

Here is the Washington State Law that outlines the admission criteria for Enhanced Services Facilities…
Admission criteria.

A person, eighteen years old or older, may be admitted to an enhanced services facility if he or she meets the criteria in subsections (1) through (3) of this section:
(1) The person requires: (a) Daily care by or under the supervision of a mental health professional, chemical dependency professional, or nurse; or (b) assistance with three or more activities of daily living; and
(2) The person has: (a) A mental disorder, chemical dependency disorder, or both; (b) an organic or traumatic brain injury; or (c) a cognitive impairment that results in symptoms or behaviors requiring supervision and facility services; [and]
(3) The person has two or more of the following:
(a) Self-endangering behaviors that are frequent or difficult to manage;
(b) Aggressive, threatening, or assaultive behaviors that create a risk to the health or safety of other residents or staff, or a significant risk to property and these behaviors are frequent or difficult to manage;
(c) Intrusive behaviors that put residents or staff at risk;
(d) Complex medication needs and those needs include psychotropic medications;
(e) A history of or likelihood of unsuccessful placements in either a licensed facility or other state facility or a history of rejected applications for admission to other licensed facilities based on the person’s behaviors, history, or security needs;
(f) A history of frequent or protracted mental health hospitalizations;
(g) A history of offenses against a person or felony offenses that created substantial damage to property.

The project numbers for the proposed facility are REVI17-005 and REVI17-009.
The address is 6502 Evergreen Way, Everett.
The owner is listed as Todd Madison, J.T. Madison Inc. in Seattle

Here is the proposed site plan:
Site Plan and Plan Set 1

Here is the proposed land use narrative submitted by Todd Madison:
Applicant’s Unlisted Use Narrative Enhanced Services Facility

Editor’s Note: This is just the initial application. The City of Everett must review all applications it receives and this is the very beginning of the process. The city has not issued any statements for or against this plan and is just passing along the information after we were given a heads-up.

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