Drive-By Shooting Again Rattles Everett Neighborhood

March 11, 2017

Police Blotter


An officer photographs a bullet casing in the street.


An officer collects a shell casing.


These marks show where bullet casings were collected on the same street a week ago.

Everett Police are again investigating a drive-by shooting in a south Everett neighborhood.

This one happened about 8:20 Saturday night on 76th Place SW. It’s in the same southwest Everett area where there were two drive-by shootings last week.

One house was hit by bullets but no people were injured. saw officers collecting shell casings in the street and police were out talking to potential witnesses.

There has been an increase in drive-by shootings recently. On Wednesday Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman briefed the Everett City Council Public Safety Committee on steps the department is trying to take to solve and prevent the shootings.

Templeman told the committee that the age range of the people involved is typically between 15 and 20 years old. (Younger kids have also been involved as both victims and shooters.)

Templeman said there were four drive-by shootings in a three day period the week before last around Everett. Police have seized three guns and those cases are all under active investigation.

One issue Templeman brought up is that the kids involved can be arrested, booked into the Denny Youth Center for shooting but then are released within just a few days. He said a teen merely possessing a gun is not enough to get that kid booked into the youth center.

Templeman also told the committee that every drive-by shooting now gets a detective assigned to it and shell casings recovered at the scene are being sent to ATF (Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) for comparison with other crimes.

If you’d like to see Chief Templeman’s presentation to the public safety committee click here and advance to the 30 minute portion of the video. It is about a 15 minute explanation of the latest on these drive-by shootings and the steps Everett Police are taking to stem gang violence.


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