Everett Again Delays Rules On For-Hire Rides

February 9, 2017

Everett Government


Everett is working to level the playing field on for-hire services.

For months the City of Everett has been working on new rules to level the playing field between traditional taxi companies and TNCs (Transportation Network Companies or rideshares like Uber and Lyft).

Right now there are no regulations covering TNCs in Everett while there are very specific rules for taxi companies.

Last night the Everett City Council held a public hearing and third and final reading on their proposed ordinance. Many taxi drivers testified that there was still too great a disparity between their rules and those for TNCs. Issues of concern included:

  • Difference in insurance coverage required between taxis and TNCs when there are no passengers aboard
  • The ability to flag down a TNC like you would a cab
  • Uber has been operating in Everett since May of 2015 without any license requirement enforcement
  • How old a vehicle must be to operate. Should it be years or miles on the road?

Everett City Council members also had amendments they were proposing as well as changes just delivered to them last night by city staff.

Given all of the change the council voted to send the proposed ordinance back to the Public Safety Committee that has been studying the issue since August.

The committee will work to hammer out all of the new amendments and changes and bring back a revised ordinance in the near future for full council consideration.

Here is a copy of the ordinance as proposed without any amendments. It looks to have a few significant changes once the public safety committee finishes their work and it comes back in front of full council.


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