Arrests End Two Different Sets Of Everett Fires

February 9, 2017

Everett Fire

Over the past several weeks police and fire investigators having been looking into two different sets of Everett fires. One set in the north end and another set in the south end. A total of three people have now been arrested for reckless burning in connection with the fires.

sets of Everett fires

This fire was behind a church on Cady road.

Everett fires

An Everett firefighter puts out a dumpster fire behind a building on Evergreen Way.

In the south end sets someone was starting fires in bus stop trash cans, dumpsters behind buildings and at a storage area behind a church.

All were happening between Pecks Drive and Casino Road. At times there were two fires per day. None did significant damage.

An Everett Police detective was able to track down information and contact a person of interest in the south Everett fires.

He interviewed the person and was able to obtain a confession. The detective noted in his report that the person responsible had diminished mental capacity and referred the case to prosecutors and mental health professionals.

sets of Everett Fires

A man and woman were captured on video at this fire.

Everett fires

A firefighter uses a deck gun to put out a dumpster fire in north Everett last month.

The second set of fires was occurring in the northern area of Everett also over the past few weeks.

On Saturday January 28th Everett Firefighters were called for two different fires. One on Cedar Street and a short time later the second behind a business on Paine Street.

In both cases dumpsters behind buildings were set on fire. The fires were quickly put out by Everett Fire crews.

Video from a nearby business showed a man and woman at the Paine Street location with the woman setting the fire and the man placing a wooden pallet into the flames.

The man was arrested for reckless burning and told police the woman was the one who set that fire and also set many others in the general vicinity of the 3600 block of Smith street. Police learned the woman went by the street names of “Magic” or “Fire Starter”.

She was located several days later and interviewed by an Everett Police detective who described the woman in his report as having mental health issues and in need of mental health assistance. She reportedly admitted to starting fires to “cleanse things”. She was booked into the Snohomish County jail for felony reckless burning.

All told the two people arrested for setting the fires are believed to be responsible for more than a dozen incidents over the past several weeks in both north and south Everett.


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