Public Update On Homelessness In Everett Tuesday Night

October 23, 2016

Everett, Everett Government

The City of Everett is inviting the public to a community meeting Tuesday night to address what has been done over the last two years to address homelessness and related issues in Everett. Here’s the invitiation…


The community meeting is set for Tuesday night at the Historic Everett Theatre in downtown Everett.

Mayor Ray Stephanson and the Community Streets Initiative task force invite the community to join them for a free event on Tuesday, Oct. 25, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Historic Everett Theatre (2911 Colby Ave).

Members of the Everett Community Streets Initiative task force will talk about positive actions that are being taken to address homelessness, mental illness and addiction in Everett and Snohomish County, and provide a look at next steps the community can take.

“As a City, we have made significant strides over the past two years to better understand and address these complex challenges, and we are indebted to our community partners and caring residents for their leadership, compassion and ideas,” said Stephanson. “This event is a chance for residents to learn about what our community is doing now to create lasting change, and what will be needed as we move forward.”

The event will include talks by Mayor Stephanson and several members of the task force, including Cassie Franklin, City Councilmember and CEO of Cocoon House; Ed Peterson, chief strategic officer for HopeWorks; Rev. Alan Dorway, pastor at Everett First Presbyterian Church; Captain John DeRousse with Everett Police; and Julie Zarn, regional director of Emergency & Critical Care Services at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.

“Providence has always had a mission to care for the most vulnerable in our community,” said Zarn. “The partnerships and programs that have come out of the Streets Initiative process offer ways for us to be even more effective and innovative in how we accomplish that critical goal.”

The task force, a 23-member group comprised of business owners, residents, and nonprofit, faith-based and health care leaders, met for several months in 2014 to identify strategies for addressing street-level social issues in Everett. The task force issued their final report and recommendations in November 2014.

In September 2015, to further address actions recommended by the task force, the City of Everett launched the comprehensive Safe Streets Plan, with three main priorities of housing, diversion and outreach and enforcement. Learn more at

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting, which will be recorded for broadcast on the Everett Channel. For meeting details, visit For more information on the task force,


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20 Responses to “Public Update On Homelessness In Everett Tuesday Night”

  1. Tim Says:

    Wa-fix you’re such a gross human what have you done for the homeless which enables you to comment and talk crap to others???? A BIG FAT NOTHING!!! I bet you collect funds from the government as well. So get off your fake high horse and stop hiding behind the internet and be a real person and contribute to society instead of trashing it any chance you can get. Give something positive back and stop trashing it and taking from it. Im going out on a short limb and saying you have no friends. Pathetic excuse for a human being you at.

    • Wa-Fix Says:

      I pay taxes and a lot of taxes, I believe that gives me A LOT of right to say what and how I feel. That’s also called contributing to society ;). Incollect zero funds from the government since they believe I make too much.

      You’re probably another homeless supporter who doesn’t give to every single homeless person they see or ask to house them. Again, how many homeless people are currently in your house right now? If your answer is less than 5 right this moment, you’re not credible.

    • skankhunt42 Says:

      Why? Because he probably has a job, probably doesn’t suck the teat of the feds, and pays his taxes? That makes him gross somehow?…

      I see. So your definition of an upstanding citizen is one who does all the above? One who doesn’t seek help for themselves (the helps there, nobody utilizes it) and doesn’t just get a job? It’s not hard to get a job. I see young people standing with signs out in front of places of employment who are currently hiring. Just because you’re down on your luck doesn’t mean you need to get discouraged at applying at every place ever. That’s what I would do if I were fired. Can’t win if you don’t play.

      Makes sense why this city is going to shambles. Keep supporting the criminals and drug addicts! At least they’re real, ya know? Taking from the city and trashing it? I think that goes to the homeless.

  2. Maria Says:

    I ashamed to say that I live in the same city as all the previous replies.
    Are you all some of the white Privileged people who think you are better than
    anyone else?

    If you dislike the mayor, then why don’t you run yourselves and see what kind of thankless job it can be. The mayor does not make all the rules and regulations to everything that happens in town. He presents them, to city council, they vote etc…
    Why don’t you run for City Council? I mean really if you don’t like it, change it! Stop complaining if you are not going to really go and try to do something.

    As for low barrier housing, what is your beef about it? How far away are each and every one of us from losing what we everything we have? What would it take? A car accident? A house fire? Your employer downsizing or moving jobs to a cheaper state or country? I mean really look and tell yourself how far away you are? Granted some people don’t want help, sometimes it is a mental illness that put them in this position, other times it is drugs.

    What have you done for somebody other than your self lately?

    • Wa-fix Says:

      You are too naïve. I want to know, how many homeless people do you house per night? If your answer is less than 5, and I’m dead serious, you are in ZERO position to comment and tell others how to live and what they prefer.

      • Maria Says:

        As a matter if fact there have been times I housed more than 5. No they were not all related. I am not rich nor am I privileged, I was taught to always help those less fortunate than myself. I always have and always will.

        How many have you housed? Do tell me what makes you think I am naïve and you are better than I am?

      • Wa-Fix Says:

        Wow great, I hope you eventually distribute your income with them as well all while giving at least 50% to the government.

        Of course, you don’t do that. You tell others how to live and pay taxes yet you probably ask for a return every year huh? Totally typical of a liberal. All while you utilize the wonderful products created by capitalism including your internet and computer to write pathetic comments.

        I’ve housed 0 and never will. I refuse to allow these freeloaders take what I’ve worked for whereas they could get a job at McDonald’s, get money for a ticket to a low cost of living state, and start over. Sorry, this world isn’t a hand out nation, we’re built on productivity, not welfare and socialism.

    • skankhunt42 Says:

      So you’re up for people openly doing drugs for free? Did you let them bring drugs into your house? Did you let them sell their stolen stuff out of your garage? They don’t have to work, they can do whatever they want. And if they want assistance, they can get it- but won’t. You’re proposing Everett turn into the next Seattle? MILLIONS of dollars are being spent. 56 Million actually. If there’s the 3,000 so homeless people in the streets, there is almost $19,000 that could be given cash to each homeless person. The administrative fees are expensive, and eat up a large part of the budget. Then the city will hire employees (friends of friends) with large paydays (and contractors to build units) that will run the 56 million down. Then they’ll ask for more.

      But, a cutting edge city they handle their problem really well…. I love seeing the tent cities built along the freeway greeting me to the Emerald City. Our roads look worse than Los Angeles. And that’s saying something because theirs are dirty as a babies diaper.

      I can’t wait to keep an update on the influx of crime data that will be coming to the area. You can prove me wrong a year after the facility moves in if you think crime is going to drop.

      A large population of homeless just want to be left alone. They don’t want people like Maria sticking up for them because they don’t care. That’s why they dump their beverages on the side of the road, or steal peoples hard earned things in the night. I’d be stoked to smoke all the weed in the world if I didn’t have to have a job, and be accountable for my actions and that’s all I had to do all day. I’d have a free place to kick it, and a place to divulge into my habits across the street.

      Also. Some people choose not to go into politics because they find themselves not wanting to be corrupt and make stupid decisions under pressure from organizations like the ACLU.

      You are Naive because you don’t get the concept of a hand out vs someone taking advantage of you. Do you not understand the concept of the word “Low” in Low Barrier Housing?

    • skankhunt42 Says:

      Nice way to throw race into it, by the way. You’re a race baiter. One to call someone a racist because they forgot your receipt at McDonalds. They’re usually racist themselves.

      Race baiters bother me because their first presumption of anything comes down to skin color. Get over the concept that every decision a white person makes is based on race. Because I am starting to think that is your problem.


    • Tim Says:

      The commenter is an ignorant douchebag we all know that. Say what you will he doesn’t matter.

    • Mike N Says:

      First of all, Maria, what makes you think I’m white? And if you think working hard all my life, compromising, and scrimping to get by for most of it is privileged, then you are in desperate need of a dictionary.
      If you want to help the addicts who steal and contribute nothing to society, then go start a charity. Don’t force all the rest of us buy into it.

  3. NordicMoxie Says:

    What? Everett has a mayor? Who knew!

  4. Mike N Says:

    Losing the next election won’t be enough. We need to stop his low-barrier housing scheme before it starts. Even if it doesn’t effect your neighborhood now, more are planned for the future, so you could be next.

  5. Eleanore Says:

    We need jobs and affordable housing that would help the problem

  6. Skankhunt42 Says:

    The event will include talks with the mayor. Niceeee. Will he skip out like a sissy when its its his turn to listen? Like the last time!

    What a joke.

    Elect skankhunt mayor. I will clean up these better than Mayor Goldie Wilson did for his town. It will include growth and development, not delays from developers. Wheres the farmers market??

    And I will enforce a no seagull hanging policy in this city. Nobody wants to deal with peta.

  7. Wa-fix Says:

    Totally pointless, the dictator… I mean mayor, who is going to lose re-election when his term is up, won’t listen to anyone. His liberal agenda is set in stone and no one will change his mind.