Chat With Everett City Council President Wednesday

October 24, 2016

Everett, Everett Government


Everett City Council President Scott Murphy.

They’ve done “coffee with a cop” and “share with your mayor”, now the Everett Public Library will host coffee and chat with Everett city council President Scott Murphy. It happens this Wednesday night from 6:30 – 7::30 in the auditorium of the main library. There is no set agenda, just a chance to connect with the President of the Everett City Council.

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3 Responses to “Chat With Everett City Council President Wednesday”

  1. skankhunt42 Says:

    Is it okay that if I become mayor, I wear my lounge pants around the white house instead of a suit?

    I mean, they did away with wigs like 50 years go, George Washington. Ditch the suits and get something a little more relaxing. Like flip flops and sweat pants with last nights pizza stain.

    That’s who I want mayor.^

  2. skankhunt42 Says:

    They should do a “Pie in the face Day with the Everett City Council.”
    You know. For charity purposes.

  3. Wa-fix Says:

    First question should be “when will you resign over your total failures in running a city?”.