Everett Adds Director of Public Health and Safety Position

June 27, 2016

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Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson has announced another move to address issues on the city”s streets. He’s created a new position of Public Health and Safety Director and appointed a city Prosecutor to the Post. Here are the details…

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Hil Kaman photo courtesy City of Everett.

Mayor Ray Stephanson has appointed Hil Kaman, currently the City’s lead prosecutor, to a newly created position of Director of Public Health and Safety. Kaman will oversee the City’s efforts to address community issues related to homelessness, mental illness and substance-use disorders.

“We need ongoing leadership within the City and in the broader community to ensure that we are using public resources effectively and efficiently to tackle these complex, deep-seated challenges,” said Stephanson. “Hil has been actively involved in all of our efforts and has a clear passion for these issues.”

In the new role, Kaman will provide policy guidance and coordinate with City departments to carry out the goals of the Everett Safe Streets plan, partner with outside agencies and nonprofits addressing similar issues, and lead community engagement and education efforts around these topics. Kaman heads up the City’s Chronic Utilizers Alternative Response Team (CHART) and work crew program in his current position, and is the legal advisor to the Everett Police Department.

“It’s been an honor to work alongside service providers and community members who are committed to finding new and better ways to serve the most vulnerable among us,” said Kaman. “I look forward to continuing the collaboration between criminal justice and social services to ensure a safe and vibrant Everett for all our citizens.”

Kaman has worked in the Prosecutor’s Office since 2007, and was appointed lead prosecutor in December 2013. He was part of the team that helped establish the Municipal Court’s first therapeutic court, the Mental Health Alternatives Program.

The City’s current efforts grew out of the recommendations of the Everett Community Streets Initiative task force, a group of 23 community members, nonprofit leaders and government officials convened by Mayor Stephanson in 2014 to identify challenges and potential solutions to the community’s ongoing street-level social issues. In September 2015 the City launched the comprehensive Safe Streets plan, which builds on strategies identified by the task force, and focuses on housing, enforcement and outreach, and diversion programs to effectively address challenges like homelessness, mental illness and addiction.

Stephanson expressed his gratitude to Deputy City Attorney David Hall for shepherding the task force and leading the initial implementation phase and to Julie Frauenholtz for her role in building community partnerships and public engagement around the Streets Initiative recommendations.

“I want to recognize David for spearheading our initial efforts and for bringing his compassion, creativity and knowledge to our work,” said Stephanson. “I’m also grateful to the United Way for supporting the Streets Initiative through the coordinator position. Julie has been instrumental in helping us begin to put the task force recommendations into action.”

Since last fall, the City has established a dedicated Community Outreach and Enforcement team within the police department, hired the first of two embedded social workers, launched the work crew program, and partnered with the YWCA and Catholic Housing Services to house chronically homeless individuals. Learn more at www.everettwa.gov/safestreets.

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6 Responses to “Everett Adds Director of Public Health and Safety Position”

  1. AnonEmouse Says:

    What is this? Medieval times? “You have been knighted sir, appointed by the king himself. Please do not fail us again.”

  2. Barack Says:

    Great, the inept mayor has created another burden for the Tax Payers. This guy is a failure as prosecutor so let’s promote him, typical Everett.

  3. anon Says:

    Anything to create another government job paid for by the people. Stick it to the bums! Give them the finger.

    I’ll do his job for free. I can ride around with the police telling said bums to take a damn shower, get a job and stop pooping on our streets.

    Civilization has taken a step off a cliff in the last decade.

    • Mark Warren Says:


      While this should be a volunteer position, its also not the end of the world or the reason/cause of ‘civilization dropping off a cliff in the last decade’. That would be the result of whatr happened to really cause said step. Lets discuss starting 2 unpaid wars and giving the 2 largest tax cuts at the same time… and expecting revenues to pick up so Bush also started several new cabinet position and agency’s. Then lets talk about not giving a rats behind when the bottom started to drop out and instead tell all their friends to be prepared for the big sell off so they could rake in the profits. And we have the biggest recession in recent history because of it. As a result of almost 30 years of trickle down economics. So dont pretend these people, at least some of them… actually had careers or at least jobs before the great bush recession and the convicts couldnt help themselves but to kick them over and over while they were down FROM THE START… its not like you had any reason for even the first 6 weeks.. Even then you were already blaming Barack for what happened, because he wouldnt come back from the campaign and waste time fixing what Bush had messed up. You could say that I have a false memory.. but our mother passed away in May of 2008 leaving an estate worth almost 600 thousand dollars. But by September, the property had dropped to less than 425 thousand… and we had to sell because we are both disabled. We finally sold at 204 thousand… and we were lucky… My brother and I did what we could and have a property that we put up some broken people. In the winter of 2011, we put up between 6 and 10 people every night when it was cold. It wasnt for glory or notice. It was to help any way we could.

      There are many people out on the street because they are in PAIN… Just because you dont see them bleeding, doesnt mean it isnt there. And for you to pretend that they are lazy or just druggies, is both arrogant and ignorant and you dont have any idea how close you are to being where they are. Its usally just an accident of birth and nothing else. Even when you suggest that its because you try hard or work harder, its only because of your birth that you even had that chance. Just remember that when you pray to god and curse the victims.


  4. Mike N Says:

    Agree. This just adds another layer of bureaucracy and unaccountability.

  5. Wa-Fix Says:

    Total waste. This shouldn’t be a job, the mayor should fight homelessness by giving the individuals $100 and a bus ticket to Seattle. Let that liberal sanctuary city take on the issues, their citizens seem so accepting.