1st Low Barrier Housing Site in Everett at Pecks and Evergreen

May 10, 2016

Everett, Everett Government

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An ariel view of the site provided by the City of Everett.

Today the City of Everett announced its top choice for the city’s first low barrier housing site. It’s would be east of Evergreen Way near Pecks Drive. Here’s the announcement just sent to MyEverettNews.com…

The City of Everett announced this week that they have identified a potential property that could be the home of a future low-barrier supportive housing facility, pending further site analysis and environmental review.

The 1.4-acre potential site is located on the east side of Evergreen Way at Pecks Drive close to transit and services, including grocery stores and health care providers. The property is part of a larger parcel, currently owned by City of Everett Utilities, that also houses Reservoir 3 and Everett Fire’s training facility.

“We are excited to identify a property that offers easy access to transportation and other service providers, and is a good fit for the facility we hope to build,” said David Hall, deputy city attorney. “We know there will be a lot of interest in the project, and we are planning community meetings over the next couple of months to answer questions and share our plans.”

The next step is evaluating the site and partnering with a developer to design, build and operate the facility, which will house 60-70 chronically homeless individuals. The City Council will consider a request for qualifications from interested developers at the May 11 council meeting.

The City hopes to break ground on a new facility by early summer 2017. The project is expected to cost about $14 million for design and construction.

Low-barrier housing and the Housing First model

Low-barrier housing is permanent supportive housing for homeless men and women with substance use disorders and/or mental illness. The facility being developed for the City will have controlled access and on-site case management and supportive services.

“Our goal is to provide housing for chronically homeless individuals who are some of the highest utilizers of City and community resources,” said Hall. “The priority is getting people into stable housing and then providing active case management and the opportunity to connect with treatment providers and support services.”

Throughout the country, Housing First has been found to be the most effective approach to ending chronic homelessness, because it offers individuals and families immediate access to permanent affordable or supportive housing. This housing model has been repeatedly found to yield higher housing retention rates, lower returns to homelessness, and significant reductions in the use of crisis services and institutions.

For more information, visit www.everettwa.gov/housingfirst.


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24 Responses to “1st Low Barrier Housing Site in Everett at Pecks and Evergreen”

  1. Lorraine B Says:

    I can’t believe there are others that feel as I do. I truly thought I was alone. Everett is lost. It has become a dump. Down town by the courthouse is overrun with homeless, transients, drug and alcohol abusers. They sleep on the doorstep of where I work. Urinate and defecate on the sidewalk and behind our planters. Our cars are broken into on a routine bases. The police tell us there is not much they can do as they are overwhelmed with these people. So now we will invite more of them to come to Everett and will even give them residence. Are we crazy? Give them a one way ticket on a train or a bus back to where they came from. We are not a dumping ground for these people. All of you are right. If this is allowed our only solution, personally, for ourselves is to move to somewhere less liberal where we will be respected for the fact we work and care about our community. Someone, with a brain, please take up the cause. It appears after reading the comments, that you might have enough followers here to save Everett from itself.

  2. Christina Says:

    We just left Seattle so we could quit putting up with the BS. Now, we see we’re not only going to get (blank) in Everett, it’s going to happen right on our street. No wonder our kids were worried when we bought our house off Pecks and Evergreen. We are in a 55 and older community. Quite walk-able IF you wear a vest, helmet, and carry a taser. We don’t even want to take the 7 Bus because that means we would need to catch it in front of Value Village. We have stumblers off the corner, through parking lots and lying on the sidewalks.
    I agree with the location being moved to the (now defunct) courthouse location. If you politicians want to take care of the chronically homeless and mentally ill, please do so in your OWN backyard. Many of us volunteer, and/or donate to local charities that already deal with these issues, and you want us to welcome tent cities, multi million $ facility’s and wonder why the homeless pour into the NW.
    p.s. we are also thrilled to see there are very few traffic regulations in Everett. Apparently one can move across 3 lanes of traffic to make a left turn (without signaling, drive as fast as you want (cutting off those in front or next to you) honk your horn, run lights, park where you want….it’s just too numerous to mention. Do you realize how much $$ is lost by not having either a traffic division or officers to ticket these drivers? You’d probably actually make enough each month to pay for the Mayor’s $14000…..and…..WTH? what for?

    • Hoo Da Says:

      I feel for you. We moved from a questionable neighborhood to a supposedly good neighborhood and have been broken into and robbed twice in the past year and a half.
      Noticed “homeless” are walking through these neighborhoods to get to the services. Stuff goes on all night long. Awakened several times a night by the “homeless” walking through, talking loudly and yelling, throwing garbage and leaving needles, baggies and used condoms around.
      Yep, the mayors good at talkin’ the game. Angering the taxpayers so they don’t go to the neighborhood meetings. Tired of being insulted because I’m conservative. Mayor makes over twice what I do but wants me to pay more in taxes for his crappy plans. Should send the “homeless” over to his N. Rucker avenue house for some free vittles.

  3. Joni Says:

    Well this is lovely. Right by my children’s school that already has enough drug dealers wandering up from Evergreen Way and doing their deed at the mini mart across the street. Way to go Everett. Let’s fix up downtown and make the rest of Everett even dumpier and less safe for the children. And as someone mentioned create more J walkers that could care less if they walk into moving traffic. It already happens enough.

  4. Bourne Says:

    Someone please explain to me what the Mayor of Everett does to dignify a $14,000.00 per month paycheck???
    I got nothin’

    • Hoo Da Says:

      Shaming conservatives at neighborhood meetings is what he does best. I’m tired of paying him. YEAH MAYOR, not everyone at these meetings is a flaming liberal.

  5. HILLARY Says:

    Someone please explain to me what the Mayor of Everett does to dignify a $14,000.00 per month paycheck???

  6. CT Says:

    I just want to say that it feels great to look at the comments on this article and see smart people who are also fed up with all this enabling. If only we had more of a voice here.

  7. Mike N Says:

    Oh, hell no! I have a better suggestion. Since Snohomish County is no longer going to build a new courthouse on the block they condemned, why not build it there? It would be much more convenient to Compass and the criminal justice system, where they will be spending much of their time anyway. Then Hall and his cohorts can gaze proudly upon what they’ve created from their windows every day.

    • kay Says:

      Hey Mike N. – I love how you think! But it will never happen – it makes way too much sense!! And therein lies the problem … Hall and his crew don’t WANT to see what they have created!! They want to spread the joy around. Shame on all of them!!

  8. Kay Says:

    In reading this article again, I also note that Mr. Hall seems to indicate that the city is going to also get into the business of “case management” and support services. Again – the landlords who used to house these people have long worked with Compass, as but one example – and all of the personnel at that agency are so overworked that they can’t even begin to keep on top of all of the issues. Another agency that was involved in overseeing many of these people is the Department of Corrections. It used to be that if someone under their watch was causing problems, or having issues, they were very proactive and would come and handle it. Now, they don’t care – they have bigger fish to fry, such as letting all of those people out of jail before they should have been out. The reality is that this problem does not have an easy fix – and because the City’s ‘leaders’ were so busy for so, so long – too long – in harassing the private land owners who WERE dealing with the problems, they didn’t look at the real problems that existed. I genuinely think that they naively thought that if they took away their housing, they would leave town. A brilliant thought when considering that all of the county services are located in Everett … ‘those people’ were not ever going anywhere. Mixed in are the elderly who don’t have money to pay full rent, so they get incorporated into the same mess as the addicts – many of whom don’t really want help. It is so sad to me to see the thrown together solutions the city comes up with, considering they were largely responsible from the get go at the problem that was birthed. New leadership is desperately needed – anyone want to run for Mayor against highlighted hair Ray?!

    • Jesus Says:

      Proactive leadership in government is nonexistent because its just not profitable.

  9. TA Says:

    “Chronically homeless”? There is no such a thing. It means your’e unable to cooperate and adapt yourself with the rest of every day society. It means you don’t get up every day and work your ass off to be successful, it means you can’t hold down a job and more than likely suffer from drug/alcohol abuse or a disability of some sort. It means it is easier to take free hand outs from everyone else while you skate by. I live a few blocks south of this location on Madison and the amount of foot traffic on evergreen way or at that bus stop in front of value village by “chronically homeless” is already out of control. Just last week there was a fully nude woman urinating in the middle of the street behind the “Peking Duck” while I was in my car at the light on Pecks Drive. I’m not in any shape or form riding a high horse, Im just getting tired of this “tourist” movement the city is trying to create in north Everett and forcing these people into other neighborhoods as opposed to fixing the problem. I wonder what the myeverettnews office thinks of this, as they are located directly across the street from this location?

    • Jesus Says:

      The scum is in north Everett to. Just yesterday I witnessed a BUM that was hanging out at the Everett high school picnic tables whip out his junk and relive himself in plain view and next to a security camera. These crimes are allowed to happen because no one, EXCEPT THOSE WITH MONEY, is ever held accountable. The for profit justice system is operating at 110% in this state. Its to bad the FBI is corrupt, lazy and inept in these parts you hear me Frank Jr.

  10. Kay Says:

    This is interesting on so, so many levels … first of all – David Hall’s involvement! This fine gentleman just wears SO many hats, doesn’t he?! First he helps the police chief and compliance department write bogus ordinances – such as the three calls in 90 days to your property and it can be closed down – to go after landlords that housed many of these people. Then he helped create the very problem they feared, which was easy to predict … you close down their housing, where do you think they are going to go?!! Yep – the streets. Didn’t think that one out so well, did you David? A child could have predicted that by boarding up buildings all over town, you would create a bigger problem. (Not to mention that those boarded up houses all over town really add to the aesthetic appeal of the city, don’t they?!) Then complete mayhem everywhere so what’s next? Oh right – they asked landlords to come forward to work with them to house these people. I remember reading about that on this very page not that many months ago. I am betting they didn’t get a huge response, considering Mr. Hall just spent years making their lives hell and costing each who fought the city a small fortune in attorneys’ fees defending themselves for doing NOTHING WRONG. And now when all of their other brilliant ideas have failed, let’s throw money at it and set all of these people up in a brand new multi-million dollar facility!! Great idea!! The expense associated with building it will be nothing compared to the expense in running it … you will need 24/7 babysitters – MANY of them in fact. What happens when they get three police calls in a DAY – not in 90 days – are they going to deem their own property a nuisance and shut it down?! I am betting that that ‘ordinance’ used to harass tax paying landlords in this city will disappear from enforcement by that time – at least where their own building is concerned. Oh if only the citizens of Everett really knew the full of what their ‘leaders’ have been up to for the last 7 or so years … it would make an interesting (fiction) read – except for it is all sad – but true.

    • Jesus Says:

      The 20 year plan for gentrifying downtown and burdening the taxpayers with the bill has been a huge success. Thanks Mayor Ray and crew.

  11. Donkey Hotay Says:

    The city government is moving the feral drug addicts away from downtown and into elderly working-class neighborhoods. Classic NIMBY but now with a whitewash of liberal guilt and conservative tax dollars.

    • Jesus Says:

      Plenty of prescription drugs to steal in those elderly working-class neighborhoods.

  12. hello Says:

    A fitting location: next to Kushmart and all the drug dealers on Evergreen.

  13. Bourne Says:

    In NY we used to call these low barrier(heh) developments Da Projects.

  14. Robert Says:

    Really… how about we start doing stuff for the people that contribute to society?? If Everett keeps on enabling homelessness this city will become a Mecca for vagrancy. Let’s take that initial 14 million and the unmentioned millions that will go into up keeping and maintaining the facility and spend it on something that assists the individuals who actually pay taxes. This city is turning into a literal heap of garbage thanks to all the “assistance” and funding it provides the human garbage that has taken over every last intersection; pan-handling for money so they can get their next fix. If our “leaders” keep this up the only people left in Everett will be the chronically homeless. They can then use all their free time to figure out how to cover the cost of living all by themselves… just like everyone else.

    • Rintintin Says:

      Robert, welcome to the beginning of the end. Also, what you wrote could be seen as hate speech or discrimination around here and the narcissistic Superior Corrupt Judge Judge wouldn’t hesitate to sentence you for it. The Bill of Rights is null and void in this state.