Everett Retail Marijuana Sales Top Ten Million Dollars

March 1, 2016

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Editor’s Update 10:00PM: In a majority decision, members of the Everett Planning Commission voted to not allow any new retail marijuana stores within the Everett City limits for the next two years. Concerns were expressed over perception that Everett’s allowance of marijuana would hurt the city’s image and stunt economic growth. Commissioners also cited the fact that current recreational stores in Everett would be applying to add medical marijuana to the products they already carry and they want time to study how that works before adding more stores.

The vote is strictly advisory but will likely be adopted by the Everett City Council. They’ll hold a first reading of a proposed ordinance Wednesday night with a public hearing and full council vote on the issue set for March 16th.

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One Everett marijuana store alone accounts for nearly $6,000,000.00 in sales since 2014.

As the Everett Planning Commission tonight holds a public hearing on the additional number of retail marijuana stores to be allowed in Everett, Washington some retail marijuana sales figures have become available.

According to the website www.502data.com (that tracks sales and tax figures for marijuana), total recreational marijuana sales for the four stores currently operating within the Everett city limits top ten million dollars. A fifth store is expected to open later this month in a former gas station at Everett and Walnut.

You can click on the link to see individual sales and tax information for each store from the 502data website.

Kushmart: Total Sales to Date: $5,917,765 http://www.502data.com/license/414520

High Society: Total Sales to Date: $1,922,178 http://www.502data.com/license/414430

Purple Haze: Total Sales to Date: $1,776,221  http://www.502data.com/license/414680

MariJ’s: Total Sales to Date: $529,891 http://www.502data.com/license/414893

An interesting note, the Everett City Council already has a draft ordinance and first reading on its agenda for Wednesday night to limit the number of stores to more than five but less than ten.

It’s a “fill in the blank” version of what the Planning Commission decides provided the commission makes a recommendation on the number of stores. The planning commission can vote to not take any action at all but it appears the city is ready if they do vote to limit the number of new stores. A public hearing and city council vote on the proposed ordinance are both set for March 16th.

The Planning Commission public hearing is tonight at 6:30PM in the city council chambers. The Everett City Council will meet tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 6:30PM.

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