Everett Tries Again To Limit Retail Pot Stores

February 28, 2016

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How many marijuana stores is too many in Everett?

When an emergency ordinance to limit retail pot stores in Everett to the current five authorized locations failed to pass with a super-majority earlier this month, many thought that was the end of the argument.

Not Everett City Councilman Jeff Moore.

Moore has successfully persuaded the city council to have the planning commission take another look at recreational marijuana in Everett. That will happen Tuesday night as the first item on the planning commission agenda is this…

Public hearing to consider input on whether to limit additional retail marijuana stores in the city as a result of the 2015 Legislature that adopted legislation combining medical marijuana and recreational marijuana laws as they relate to retail establishments.

The Planning Commission has three basic options

1. Take no action
2. Not allow any additional marijuana stores
3. Limit the number to more than five but less than ten

The issue stems from the desire of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to combine recreational and medical marijuana sales under one roof. That would lead to a doubling of recreational marijuana stores authorized in the Everett city limits from five to ten.

Moore, who lives in south Everett, contends the only area for growth for these additional recreational stores is in south Everett. Given there are currently more than a half-dozen stores within two miles of the south city limits in unincorporated Snohomish County (considered Everett by most people), Moore wants the planning commission to take another look at the city’s zoning for recreational marijuana.

While the planning commission can only recommend changes it will be up to the full city council to then hold three readings and a public hearing before a simple majority vote on any ordinances. If you’d like to speak for or against the issue the planning committee meets this Tuesday at 6:30 PM in the Everett City Council chambers at 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett. The meeting will also be available on Everett TV and online.

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