House Fire Displaces Family In North Everett

January 27, 2016

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house fire

Firefighters working on the high-pitched roof.

house fire

Smoke vents from the roof.

house fire

One of Everett’s newest firefighters from Engine 1 made a quick stop on the flames.

house fire

Crews gather for a post-fire safety briefing.

The Red Cross was called out to help a family after a house fire in the 2000 block of Highland Street in north Everett Wednesday night.

The fire was reported around 8:40 PM and did some damage but was quickly put out by Everett Fire Crews including one of the newest members of the Everett Fire Department working his first fire.

There was a fair amount of smoke and water damage to the interior of the house.

An investigator with the Everett Fire Department is on scene to determine the cause of the fire.

No damage estimate is yet available.

Here are a few photos taken after the fire was out.

Click photos to enlarge.


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2 Responses to “House Fire Displaces Family In North Everett”

  1. annonamous Says:

    Hi Eleanore. This is an answer to your question. The fire was started by electrical wiring in the wall. The four family members and 3 pets made it out o.k. The fire spread quickly and they only got out with the cloths on their back.The fire department arrived quickly and did an awesome job on getting the fire out.Everything upstairs was burned or melted and downstairs was a lot of smoke and water damage.If this fire would have started in the middle of the night there would probably have been lost lives.God’s hand of protection was on all involved, thankfully!

  2. Eleanore Says:

    what caused the fire? Candles, cooking, heater, smoking? sad situation I heard all the sirens last night wondering what was up I feel bad for the displaced people