Police Nab Suspicious Van in South Everett

December 15, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

stolen van

The van driver backs up to police.

stolen van

A police dog invites the passenger out of the van.

stolen van

The van passenger backs up to police.

stolen van

Everett Police check the van.

A few intense moments for folks trying to leave the Bank of America in front of Fred Meyer on Evergreen Way this evening.

A distinctive looking van that had been reported as stolen was spotted in the Fred Meyer parking lot around 630 PM.

As officers arrived it went around the store, onto Casino road, then south on Evergreen and into the Bank of America parking lot.

Everett Police conducted a felony stop in the bank parking lot and detained two people.

The driver came out of the van right away but it took a little barking from a police K-9 to get the passenger to come out.

Here are some MyEverettNews.com photos of the activity.

One interesting observation as we took these photos…

People were walking right in front of the police who had their guns pointed at the van and seemed a bit bothered to be asked to step back into the safety of the bank.

A reminder it’s not a TV show out there and bad things can happen. It’s best to stay safe.

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