Gang Concerns Prompt Ban Of Non-Seattle Pro Jerseys At Mariner High in South Everett

August 24, 2015

Everett, Everett Schools recently received complaints from parents who live in Everett but whose kids will be attending Mariner High School in south Everett. The complaints center around a new addition to the dress code this year that prohibits kids from wearing any pro sports jerseys, shirts or apparel other than those from Seattle teams. Below is an excerpt of the guidelines that upset the parents…


Only Seattle area pro jerseys are allowed. Click to enlarge. contacted the Mukilteo School District and spokesman Andy Muntz sent us a copy of the following letter of explanation from Mariner High Principal Brent Kline.

Dear Mariner Community,

We believe at Mariner High School that all students have futures. Creating and maintaining a learning-focused environment is the first step in providing positive futures for our students.  One aspect of creating a positive school climate and culture is eliminating distractions, which sometimes come in the form of what students wear to school.

We have had some inquiries regarding the recent changes to our dress code communicated to the Mariner community in our welcome back letter.  Specific concern was the banning of non-Seattle professional sports team apparel.  I would like to provide you the cause of this change.

Over the past months there has been an increase in gang activity in our Mariner community.  We are vigilant about keeping this specific behavior out of our school.  We have been successful in the past due to continuing coordination with the Everett area gang task force.  Our ever-changing dress code is in response to the on-going learning that we acquire from our partnership with the task force.

We made the decision to ban professional sports team apparel as we have learned that gangs are using it as a way to identify themselves.  We want our students’ focus to be on school and we want our teachers’ and administrators’ time to be used on teaching and learning—not dress and gang issues.  We have recently realized that we should have reworded the new policy to allow students to wear apparel from all colleges and universities (not just Seattle area college and universities).  We will make that revision public to students at the start of the school year.  Our ban of professional sports team apparel outside of Seattle remains in effect.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this new policy.  I can be reached by email at: or you can call the main office number 366-5700.  I appreciate your understanding with our number one priority of maintaining a safe learning environment at Mariner High School.


Brent Kline, Principal asked spokesman Andy Muntz if the rule also applied to Kamiak High which is in the Mukilteo city limits and he said this particular rule only applies to Mariner High School in south Everett. The first day of school in Mukilteo is Wednesday September 2nd. Everett Schools have not yet set a start date for this year due to ongoing contract talks. was not able to locate the dress code policy for the Everett School District for 2015-2016.

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