Seattle Times: Feds Suing Developer of Potala Place in Everett

Potala Place

Construction is almost complete on Potala Place in Everett. news partner The Seattle Times is reporting that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission today filed a lawsuit against Lobsang Dargey who developed Potala Village at Rucker and Pacific and is developing the Patola Place project at the intersection of Wall and Grand Streets. Here’s an excerpt from the Times story…

Dargey used $2.5 million to buy a home in Bellevue, the SEC alleged. He also made cash withdrawals of investor funds totaling $350,000, including more than $200,000 at 14 different casinos in Washington, Nevada, California and British Columbia, the SEC alleged.

You can see the full Seattle Times article here. first introduced Dargey and Path America to Everett back in 2011 as the City of Everett expanded its EB-5 regional center. You can read about that here.

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7 Responses to “Seattle Times: Feds Suing Developer of Potala Place in Everett”

  1. Here's Some of Money Trail Says:

    Wonder if the PRE-OPENING CEREMONY will still be held @ Potala Place Everett

    Here’s the invitation

  2. Judy Says:

    This picture is butt ugly! I hope the building in Everett does NOT look like this!!!!!!!!!

  3. Grumpy Says:

    Sum Ting Wong.

  4. AvonB Says:

    Article forget to mention any political contributions. Looking forward to the amended article. Keep up the good work you ELECTED OFFICIALS.

    • Stringer Says:

      Time for AG Loretta Lynch to get hot. Results not BS.

    • MikeL Says:

      “Dargey�credits the City of Everett, Congressman Rick Larsen and Senator Maria Cantwell as being hugely instrumental in helping gain approval for the expanded regional center.” 22 August 2011 MY EVERETT NEWS.
      Cut and paste is for the lazy voters. Wake up and follow the money.

  5. Zach Says:

    I hope I’m not reading the unraveling of the farmers market I was getting so excited to shop at.