Rescue Ring and Loaner Life Jackets Replace Lifeguards at Silver Lake in Everett

May 27, 2015

Everett, Everett Government

no lifeguard sign

The elimination of life guards at Silver Lake will save the city about $55,000.00

swim area

The swimming area is well marked.

life jackets

An emergency life ring and loaner life jackets are located at the center of the beach.

At Silver Lake in south Everett, near where the lifeguard stand once stood, there’s now a cabinet with loaner life jackets and a rescue ring. With highs expected into the upper 70s this week wanted to remind people headed out for a swim that the City of Everett eliminated lifeguards at Silver Lake as a budget cutting measure. Earlier this year the Mayor ordered a team of city staffers to find ways to lower expenses and increase revenues as the city faced a shortfall of several million dollars. According to the city’s Structural Deficit Advisory Team, elimination of the lifeguard program at Silver Lake Beach saves approximately $55,000 per year, mostly in seasonal labor. The argument was made that Everett is the only city in Snohomish County that still provided beach lifeguards. The report said most jurisdictions eliminated lifeguards at public beaches because of the cost and potential liability. Everett has now joined that group.

Now while the lifeguard tower is gone, there are a couple of signs posted warning of no lifeguards on duty, there’s that cabinet with loaner life jackets and a rescue ring and the swimming area is clearly marked. There is a working pay phone near the restrooms in case a call to 9-1-1 is needed and a cell phone is not handy. Swimming is not the only activity at the park which also offers nature trails, picnic areas, a playground, a concrete ping pong table and disc golf course. The park is open daily from 6am – 10pm. Click here for more information and directions.


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