Freeway Paint Job On I-5 In South Everett Goes Very Wrong

May 26, 2015


Editor’s Update 5:30pm: The DOT has now decided to move the cleanup to Sunday. Here’s the latest press release…A paint spill in the HOV lane of southbound Interstate 5 in Everett will be corrected Sunday morning, May 31.

Washington State Department of Transportation maintenance crews originally planned to cover the paint spilled by a malfunctioning striping truck with a mixture of liquid asphalt and sand at 10 a.m. Wednesday. However, after further review of the situation, WSDOT maintenance crews will need to close at least two lanes of I-5 to complete this work safely. Traffic volumes on southbound I-5 during the week are too high to close two lanes without causing a large backup. By working on Sunday, we can keep traffic moving and keep drivers and our crews safe. WSDOT will continue to monitor traffic flow through the area until repair work is complete.

Lane closure details: Sunday, May 31- Crews will close the left general purpose lane and the HOV lane of southbound I-5 between 112th Street Southeast and 128th Street Southwest from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

I-5 paint

A traffic camera image shows the mess in the HOV lane.

A broken hose on a paint stripe truck from the Washington Department of Transportation caused a yellow mess in the HOV lane of I-5 from the 112th Park and Ride to nearly 128th street. It happened about 11:30 this morning in the southbound lanes. The yellow paint is dry and you can drive in the HOV lane. According to the DOT, here’s the plan for the fix…

Sometime after 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning, WSDOT will close the HOV lane so maintenance staff can use tack coat to cover the black paint. This involves putting down liquid asphalt and covering it with sand. It’s believed that this will provide good traction and may be a longer-lasting fix than using paint. The work should be complete before the afternoon commute begins. WSDOT will monitor the area to be sure the repair works as intended. Until then, video message signs will warn drivers that there is dry paint on the roadway and motorists should use caution.

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  1. Eleanore Says:

    Wow, what a mess! Hey Lee I sent you a check last week via snail mail, just waiting for it to clear hope it didn’t get lost in the junk mail!