Access To Everett’s Howarth Park Beach Closed Until 2016

May 13, 2015

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Editor’s Update 8:00PM: At tonight’s Everett City Council meeting Parks Director Paul Kaftanski told the council that crews spent today putting up signage and tomorrow both ends of the bridge would be boarded up and the lower parking lots locked. He also told the council that Everett Park Rangers would be having emphasis patrols at the park and if rangers came across people trying to cross the railroad tracks to the beach they would counsel the people that it was railroad property but would not try to physically stop them. He cited the fact that the tracks were BNSF jurisdiction and they would have to deal with people crossing the tracks.

Howarth beach bridge

The bridge is the only safe and legal way across the tracks to Howarth Park Beach.

Howarth Park 1

A look at the exterior beams

Howarth 2

A look at the beams on the underside of the bridge

Howarth 3

The staircase leading to the beach.

Howarth 4

A look back across the bridge from the water side.

Howarth 6

The lower Howarth walking trail.

Howarth 7

The lower parking lot will be closed making for a tough summer for those trying to park to use the upper area.

Bad news for a potentially hot summer as the City of Everett today announced the closure of the bridge over the railroad tracks to the beach at Howarth Park. The city is also closing the lower parking lot. Access to the beach is not expected to re-open until sometime next year. Here are a few photos. Click to enlarge. Here’s the official word from Everett Parks…

Everett Parks and Recreation crews will close the pedestrian bridge to Howarth Park beach on Thursday, May 14, until further notice, due to concerns about the bridge’s structural integrity. An engineering firm contracted to review the bridge recommended this week that the bridge be closed until repairs can be made.

“We know that this is a favorite park for Everett residents and visitors, especially in the summer months, and we did not make this decision lightly,” said Paul Kaftanski, parks director. “Safety is our primary concern, and based on the recommendation of the bridge experts, we must close the bridge immediately in order to keep park visitors safe.”

The engineering firm’s review of the pedestrian bridge uncovered rust and corrosion on the bridge’s steel beams. Parks staff will work with an engineering consultant to design the bridge repairs and will advertise the project for competitive bidding as soon as possible. The project design and repair work is expected to take five to six months to complete; the bridge and lower Howarth Park parking lot will remain closed during that period.

Howarth Park beach was already scheduled to be closed for several months beginning in September for Snohomish County’s Nearshore Beach Restoration Project, which means the Howarth beach access will be unavailable until spring 2016.

For updates on the closure and repair work, visit

For those wanting to go to the beach, public access to Edgewater Park was recently re-established by the Port of Everett. Take Mukilteo Boulevard west just across the bridge into Mukilteo, turn right on Mukilteo lane, cross the tracks at Baker crossing and go north.


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7 Responses to “Access To Everett’s Howarth Park Beach Closed Until 2016”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Any idea when Howarth is scheduled to reopen? Or dog is anxiously awaiting!

  2. John Says:

    This is f****ng bull****! BNSF has already closed OUR pedestrian walkway to homeless scum beach, now there is no legit access to any usable waterfront. Where am I supposed to take my dog, Snohomish river?! F****ng gross!

  3. Juliet Says:

    That’s my favorite place to go when the weather is warm. I’m really upset to hear this — I’ve been looking forward all year to hanging out there again. Who cares about the bridge; the bad part was when you tried to get to the beach and have to climb over all those giant logs. THAT’S what’s needed fixing as long as I’ve lived here!

  4. Kylie Says:

    I am SO UPSET!!!!! We have two service dogs and this is one of these last places that has an off leash beach!! Where else can I take both my family AND my dogs?!?

  5. michelle Says:

    Everett really needs more beach access, we have all this water and no access. We have to go to Mukilteo to go to the beach and good luck finding somewhere to park on a nice day!

  6. Bethany Says:

    What a shame! It’s rare to find a beach in this area that has sand. How about opening Jetty Island in June instead of July? Edgewater is too rocky and narrow. Access to that is also limited in that you now have to pay to park in Mukilteo. They also missed the boat by not making the pedestrian bridge there accessible from Mukilteo lane. Makes it difficult for anyone who could walk to that beach to get there without walking down the Speedway.
    Hope they get it fixed soon!

  7. Eleanore Says:

    wow thats quite a blow there are not enough beaches in the city as it is…closing this really sucks. HOpe they hurry and fix it…