Rollover Semi On North I-5 Slowing Saturday Traffic in Everett

May 2, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

Update 1:15pm: All but the far right lane is open and traffic is flowing better but since it backed up all the way to 164th it may still be another hour until I-5 north through Everett fully recovers.


Nearly 2 hours afte the crash, here’s the progress

Update 12:15pm: Progress being made after nearly 2 hours but northbound I-5 traffic backed up to 164th and Broadway and Colby north through Everett also slow.


It only took 20 minutes for traffic to back uo to 128th.

Shortly after 10:30am a semi going north on I-5 in Everett flipped over blocking multiple lanes of the freeway just north of 526. Northbound Broadway is affected as motorists try to find an alternate route north through Everett.

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4 Responses to “Rollover Semi On North I-5 Slowing Saturday Traffic in Everett”

  1. Summer Says:

    I doubt he planned his day to go this way, no semi wreck does.

  2. Eleanore Says:

    Yet another stupid semi truck driver flipping his rig, wtf?

    • AnotherEverettRes Says:

      Stupid semi driver?? Much more likely some jerk cutting him off and he couldn’t do much. I see people cut in front of these big trucks far too often, just inches from the bumper.

      • Eleanore Says:

        Every week there is a semi truck that either runs into a bridge or flips over I think they are hiring losers to drive trucks