A Hit & Run + A Man Shot + A Crashed SUV + A Suspicious House = Everett Police Mystery

September 30, 2014

Everett, Police Blotter

Crime scene 1

Ttereve and Evergreen where the gunshot victim was found.

crime 2

Officers examining the SUV

crime 3

A line of police cars outside the south Everett house

crime 4

Crime scene tape around the south Everett house.

Everett Police had an interesting series of events unfold Monday night that has left them with multiple investigations. According to Everett Police Spokesman Aaron Snell, officers received a call of a shooting at Ttereve Drive and Evergreen Way around 10:45pm. Officers who happened to be near the area reported they didn’t hear any shots but on arrival found an injured man and called medics who confirmed he’d apparently been shot. He was transported to Providence Regional Medical Center. Officers also had two other calls. One, a hit and run involving a green SUV at 79th and Evergreen Way that fled north and the other, a report of a crash of a green SUV on Rainier Drive just around the corner from where the gunshot victim was found. A man reportedly ran from the SUV but a check of the area with a K-9 unit was unsuccessful. When officers went to a south Everett address to check to see if the owner of the SUV knew its whereabouts, they found evidence pointing to that house as a possible crime scene. So a man is in the hospital with a gunshot wound. An SUV is in the impound yard, major crime detectives are looking at a south Everett house as a crime scene and a hit and run victim is filling out paperwork. At this point investigations are underway and notes will be compared to see if any or all of these are related. Everett Police spokesman Snell says they currently have many more questions than answers.

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