Past Due PUD Bill Scammers Targeting Everett Business Owners

October 23, 2013

Everett, Police Blotter


Don’t fall victim to scammers. Verify before you send money.

Saw this on the Everett Police Facebook page and thought business owners in Everett could use a heads up…

A business manager is contacted by a male on the phone claiming to be from the PUD. The male tells the manager his company owes almost $1,000 to the PUD for unpaid bills. The male demands the manager get a Green Dot Prepaid Money Pak Card to pay the bill or the utilities will be turned off immediately. The manager believes the ruse, follows the instructions and provides the card number. The manager then realizes he may have been conned and calls 911. Detectives trace the phone number to Kansas City.

This is a nationwide fraud aimed at businesses which has worked several times in Everett. One alert business manager contacted the PUD before paying an “overdue bill” and was advised he is not past due on any accounts. Note: The PUD does not collect outstanding debt with Green Dot Prepaid Money cards.

Be alert: It does not appear scammers are targeting homeowners yet – but their tactics may morph.

Here is a link to the PUD website with tips on protecting yourself from scammers.

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